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Microsoft based
ITSM & GRC tool

ITSM360 transform your IT department into a well-oiled machine by harnessing your Microsoft 365 stack for modern ITSM and GRC process tooling.

How we can help your business?

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Microsoft 365-based ITSM in your tenant

Experience a winning combination for your ITSM needs – Teams, Power Automate, and BI all in one place.

Our solution has been implemented successfully in over 30 countries, with access to all the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.

Streamline and optimize your ITSM with our trusted ITSM tool.

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Leverage your Microsoft competencies

Unlock the power of your Microsoft expertise and resources for lightning-fast ITSM transformation.

Experience the cost-saving benefits of economies of scale, a game-changing advantage that sets us apart from the competition.

Say hello to a streamlined and efficient approach to ITSM.

GRC for ITSM360

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Boost Your Business with our integrated GRC tool.

Minimize risk and maximize resource allocation for your business with our cutting-edge integration of ITSM and GRC processes. Streamline your operations and elevate your performance with our comprehensive platform.

Get started today and see the difference it makes.

Our ITSM and GRC software uses Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology to ensure operational efficiency, providing your organization with reliable resilience

ITSM360 Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft’s pioneering vision for the digital age is at the center of our business.

We stay in tune with their cutting-edge services to provide organizations with transformative solutions, leveraging on customers’ trust and familiarity with Microsoft products.

Key highlights

  • Microsoft Fluent UI – creates a familiar experience as they navigate their digital environment -> About UI
  • Automate requests and make workflows with Power Automate -> About PA
  • Real ITSM BI is generated with Power BI -> About BI
  • Integrations are made with Graph API -> Learn about Graph API
  • Work from Teams -> Microsoft Teams and ITSM360
  • Leverage leading AI and Virtual Agents with Azure -> About AI
  • Supported by a worldwide partner network
  • Use Office apps inside ITSM360

This powerful solution has been gaining widespread adoption across all industries, but it has proven especially effective for regulated organizations

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​Is your IT service management falling behind or too expensive?

Our Microsoft 365 approach means our software runs as a native Microsoft Teams app.

With this approach, you’ll have access to countless options. Working in Teams opens up a world of communication, collaboration, and productivity possibilities.

  • Chat from tickets
  • Create tickets based on a chat
  • Work with IT tickets in an adaptive mode in different Teams channels
  • Mobile enabled
  • Real-time collaboration with externals
  • Combine Teams with Power Virtual Agent

At the end of the day, our approach ensures that you will have all the tools you need to work together effectively and efficiently.

Learn about our Teams apps:

ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams

Transition from risky business to proactive protection

As businesses continue to rely on ITSM solutions to streamline their operations, the issue of security and compliance becomes increasingly relevant.

Even big-name ITSM vendors may struggle with processing data in your country, and it’s crucial to consider how your data is being managed.

Why does this matter? Simply put, modern ITSM solutions often deal with personal information (such as onboarding data) that requires sensitive handling.

Moreover, compliance issues could arise if ITSM tools are used for Enterprise Service Management.

It’s important to carefully assess whether your existing ITSM provider has the necessary muscle to bring your security and compliance to a level that meets your needs.

With ITSM360 deployed to your tenant:

  • It fits into your data processing agreement with Microsoft
  • Adapts to your tenant security policies
  • Your own Azure App registrations control the ITSM360 apps
  • Compatible with all Microsoft cloud security and compliance offerings

Very few – if any – can follow the bold security agenda from Microsoft, making ITSM360 the most secure ITSM solution in the industry.