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We empower you to use Microsoft Teams for your ITSM processes

We work to simplify your everyday life with ITSM360.

As a native Microsoft solution, ITSM360 enables you to slimline your infrastructure and increase security.

ITSM360 Ecosystem ITSM Microsoft 365

Transform your ITSM practices with Microsoft-based technology

Microsoft Teams ITSM

Adoption - Best-in-class

We give you the best overall adoption by using familiar and recognized technology.

The users work in Teams, and we push the ITSM process orchestration into Teams for both the backend and end-users.

Power Automate ITSM

Flexibility - Best-in-class

We connect to the entire Microsoft stack.

For example, harnessing the Power Platform gives you unprecedented flexibility and Graph API all the necessary integrations.


Security & Governance - Best-in-class

Nobody in the ITSM industry matches Microsoft cloud security and governance.

ITSM360 inherits the investments from Microsoft and safeguards your solution.

Leading organizations worldwide leverage ITSM360 to optimize their efficiency

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Do you agree with the acronym “KISS”

Can you afford silo-based IT Management solutions?

Your time is limited – and probably everyone in the IT department is busy with the demanding day-to-day agenda.

So, reducing the complexity inside your IT Management tooling is a way to free up your time.

Running complex, specialized solutions like ServiceNow, BMC, and others is time-consuming.

Therefore, we empower you to use your Microsoft 365 tenant for a high-performing ITSM solution (and GRC platform).

ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams

We are standing on the shoulders of Microsoft

Very few in the ITSM industry care about your return on investment and security.

We do. We are reducing the IT silos, making ITSM cost-effective, secure, and flexible at the same time.

Our core values are harnessing as much as possible from Microsoft in the ITSM context, and the remaining parts are what you get with our ITSM software.

Drive results from your Microsoft investment now

UI Framework = Easy Adoption

We use the Microsoft UI Framework as the baseline (and Teams as the primary front end).

Following the same look and feel as a genuine Microsoft app makes operating the tool at all levels easy.

Plug it into Microsoft 365 = Full MS Compatibility

We only develop apps and features aligned with the Microsoft ecosystem (Microsoft SPFx build apps).

Connect instead of an integration project.

For everyone = skip expensive ITSM consultants

The basic idea with ITSM360 is the easiness and user-friendly ITSM software.

Running on the Microsoft stack means everyone with Microsoft experience can configure ITSM workflows.

Microsoft 365 logo

Resilient and scalable

Leader in large-size SharePoint and Microsoft Teams solutions

We can change most people’s perceptions of what is possible in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

The sky is the limit with the right design and people behind the code. Our approach to business-critical solutions in Teams/SharePoint are:

  • Use SharePoint as data storage with a relational structure
  • Code customizable apps for Teams and SharePoint in SPFx as the primary interface

In other words, ITSM360 is not a minor homemade ITSM solution but an absolute masterpiece in leveraging the technology from Microsoft to the full extent.

Let us show you how the solution works with +1 million CIs in the CMDB and automation kicking in tickets and events from multiple sources.

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What Can We Do For You?

ITSM Budget and ROI

Using your existing Microsoft knowledge and competencies for your next ITSM solution strengthens your business case.

Going with siloed/boxed ITSM solution means building technical debt and high costs you don’t want.

ITSM Security and Compliance

Microsoft (and AWS) make the most substantial cloud security and compliance offerings.

We leverage Microsofts cloud security entirely and offer the most secure ITSM solution in the industry.

Sustainable ITSM

Your ITSM solution must run for at least 5 to 6 years. Many things will happen during this.

But do you, like us, think that Microsoft will continue to push innovation and AI into Microsoft 365?

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

Contact us for an open and non-binding talk about our ITSM and GRC solution portfolio.