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With ITSM360, customization requires just ITSM knowledge or Microsoft skills.

However, if you find the resources challenging, our team is here to provide assistance.

Join us on the forefront of innovation

Tailor our services to fit your requirements

As a professional ITSM provider, we are thrilled to welcome you as a new user of our software.

Our ITSM360 software has been tried and tested by leading enterprises across the globe, and we are confident that it will surpass your expectations.

At our company, we understand the importance of maintaining the efficiency of your operations and the need for easy implementation and maintenance.

That’s why our software is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft, minimizing the need for consultancy and ensuring a hassle-free implementation and application maintenance process.


If you’re running low on capacity or simply prefer our services, we’re pleased to offer our professional services to you.


Free deployment into your Microsoft enviroment

In a remote-based session, our team carries out the default deployment activities.

Deliverables included in our fast-track deployment:

  • Upload of app files to app catalog
  • Execute deployment process (deployment into a new SPO site collection)
  • Enabling ITSM COMPANY best practice configuration
  • App registration in Azure AD (ITSM360 app and Graph API)
  • E-mail enabling ITSM360 to Exchange Online
  • Upload of Microsoft Teams App for self-service
  • Upload of Console Apps
  • QA
  • Hand-over meeting
Configuration Services

The need for configuration/integration depends on your business case. The best-practice deployment is a great start, but a configuration phase is required if you have a high maturity level or just many specific workflows.

The technical part of the configuration is:

  • Adjusting in SharePoint lists (new views or columns)
  • Create/modify Power Automate workflows or automation
  • Create/modify Power BI reports or dashboards
  • Setting up Microsoft Teams channels and groups
  • Configuration of ITSM360 web parts and consoles

We can provide you with a turn-key project or help you on an ad-hoc base depending on your help.

Our consulting experts will make it happen to the agreed time and budget.

Update service included

ITSM360 is rapidly developing, and we are constantly adapting the solution to new possibilities in the Microsoft cloud.

Our update service includes all customers, where we push new app files into your Microsoft app catalog. From here, you are free to deploy and use our latest features.

To clarify:

  • Free service included in the ITSM360 subscription
  • Updates will not overwrite your custom settings or workflows
  • Update service requires no human service account, but only a app permission from your Azure AD
Training as a service

At ITSM360, we are proud to offer more than 10 professional online standard trainings for our clients.

Our training and educational services cover a wide range of topics and cater to varying levels of expertise. We’ve got you covered, from high-end customization and learning how to connect the ITSM solution to Power BI, to simple day-to-day use training.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you maximize the value of our solution and ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary skills to excel in your role.

Explore our catalog of professional training today and take the next step towards enhancing your ITSM experience.

Terms and conditions

  • Attend all the training you want without limitations
  • Fixed price € 3.495 per year


ITSM360 training schedule -> link

Link to Microsoft Training site.



ITSM360 SharePoint Ticket App

ITSM360 ticket app in SharePoint is our way to secure performance and big data combability in SharePoint/Teams.