ITSM tool as a Microsoft Teams app

ITSM360 gives you a complete ITSM tool directly in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Using SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for ITSM gives you the power to be in sync with the business and alignment with your Microsoft cloud strategy.

ITSM360 Teams App self-service
ITSM360 IT self-service in Teams

An integrated end-user experience in Teams

ITSM360 Console

Live chat in Teams – a part of ITSM360

Make your business stronger with ITSM360 and your Microsoft stack

Our ITSM software is built on your Microsoft platform.

It empowers you to deliver IT services on a platform that all people recognize.

As a decision-maker, you will appreciate that you finally have found the key to consolidation and ITSM cost-cutting.

As a service manager, you will enjoy all the automation capabilities and easiness in building new services and workflows.

As an IT analyst, you get more done by using Microsoft Teams as your primary interface and Power BI insights.

Accelerate user experiences

Meet your end-users where they are.

With the ITSM360 Teams app for end-users, you have a complete self-service portal for Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams and ITSM360, your users can engage with you quickly and simply.

From a platform that runs on PC, smartphones, and tablets.


Microsoft 365 as ITSM platform

ITSM360 is a ready-made ITSM tool for Microsoft 365

The innovative ITSM360 solution connects to the entire well-known Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Business values:

  • Get more flexible and reuse your Microsoft skillset
  • More return from your Microsoft spending
  • Skip training. Your users work with Teams already

Technical values:

  • All managed by your Azure AD
  • Connect instead of integration
  • Scalable and secure

ITSM360 – everything you need for ITSM orchestration in one powerful package compatible with your Microsoft cloud strategy.

Why ITSM360?

A doubling in the number of ITSM360 customers each year is proof that our approach to ITSM is justified.

Our new customers have a least one of these statements as the primary reason for moving into ITSM360.

I want to be independent

Everlasting contracts and high consultancy costs are related to many prominent ITSM vendors, where the majority want freedom and independence.

Compliance and security

ITSM cloud providers are not meeting data privacy regulations and security demands, and ITSM use cases are hitting different regulations.

Siloes creates overhead

Running many platforms increases the overhead, and consolidation into an existing platform is important

Change - CAB Approval Workflow in Power Automate - ITSM360
Workflow handling

Using Power Automate – easy and painless for everyone

If you regain your confidence in your ITSM tool

Then we will be happy

We go to work every day to help you for an easier everyday life. We believe that your daily life will be more fun and less cumbersome:

  • If you can manage your ITSM tool as you manage the rest of your Microsoft stack
  • If you have a familiar UI for a painless onboarding of new employees (inside and outside IT)
  • If your team used Microsoft Teams based features for real-time ITSM collaboration
  • If your team could expand workflows quickly to stakeholders outside IT by using Power Automate workflows
  • If you could connect to Azure Cognitive Services and chatbots for IT use-cases
  • If you could skip the dependence on the Mr. CONSULTANT who can fine-tune the ITSM solution

We can actually offer this. Not because of a new ITSM approach, but solely because the platform is as intelligent as possible.

ITSM360 Reports & Dashboards

All reports is generated from Power BI

Value for all stakeholders

ITSM360 challenges all the major known solutions due to the platform


The best way to get happy users is to make it easy for them (and respond).

In ITSM360, we use Microsoft Teams self-service apps.

Why? Because your users work here the entire day – and they are good at it.


SharePoint, and Teams. Recognizable technologies for most IT professionals.

It matters in many aspects. Fast onboarding, easy to maintain, + a set of features for knowledge sharing.

IT Management

Prompt response to new business conditions is king.

Microsoft 365 (hence ITSM360) develops faster than ever, and new options like AI, Virtual Agents mean that you have a modern and flexible platform.

Cost and Best TCO

Our attractive subscription plans, combined with the fact that you probably already have an active Microsoft subscription, drive your ITSM cost to a minimum.

We guarantee the lowest TCO in the ITSM industry.

Security & Compliance

No ITSM cloud vendor can invest in security and compliance like Microsoft.

And now that ITSM360 is directly in your Microsoft cloud, ITSM360 is the world’s most secure ITSM platform.

Your Stakeholders

IT processes tend to span from IT into other departments (approvals, onboarding, etc.).

With ITSM360 and Power Automate, you simply enable people outside IT to participate in workflows (without extra cost).

Trusted by hundreds of businesses

Want to learn why?