Standing on the shoulders of giants

Why spend when you don’t have to?

No More Data Silos

Our flagship IT Service Management platform, ITSM 360, is built on the strongest foundation in IT today: Microsoft.

Seamless integration with Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 means that—more than likely—you already own all the infrastructure you’ll ever need.

Leverage the power of Microsoft and ITSM360 to open a new world of engagement possibilities for your company. From handling customer service requests to automating your entire onboarding process, ITSM 360 empowers your business to achieve more without the additional cost.

The Best of Both Worlds

Take engagement to a whole new level

Ultimately, good business is about making a connection with people. This means being able to listen to, and fulfill, their needs.

Whether it’s a run-of-the-mill support ticket, the provision of new laptops for your team, or setting up a training session for your new hire… ITSM360, in tandem with Microsoft, gives you the tools you need to make a difference.

ITSM360 has led to high value and benefits to cost ratio- not to forget the unique personalized support extended throughout by the ITSM Company team.

Fevzi Yalın

Lead Project Manager

Carolina Biological

North Carolina, US

Bottom Line Results

Low Upfront Costs

• ITSM360 deploys to your existing Microsoft tenant in mere hours.

• Avoid complex licensing requirements.

Low Operational Costs

• Leverage existing employee knowledge.

• Power all ITIL processes from a central management platform.

Scalable Based on Need

• Microsoft’s cloud-first ecosystem enables you to grow at your own pace.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Adaptation at your Speed

Flexibility and adaptability in the face of rapidly changing business demands is critical in today’s Digitally Transformed environment.

Being fully aligned with the Microsoft ecosystem empowers companies to rely on ITSM360 for all of their service management needs without any surprises or hidden costs. With ITSM360, your employees can focus on getting work done in a familiar environment, from UI/UX to functionality.

When business requirements do unexpectedly change, ITSM360 provides you with the freedom to deal with those changes without worrying about service management reliability.

Security & Governance

ITSM360 enables Administrators to easily establish and apply security & governance protocols across the enterprise.

Configure SharePoint and/or Office 365 to meet your company’s security, compliance, and governance standards.

All settings are automatically applied to your ITSM360 environment.

Straightforward rule definitions enable companies to easily comply with regulatory agencies, such as FEMA, SEC, FDA, OSHA, etc.

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