ITSM360 is a ready-built ITSM-solution for Microsoft Office 365

You deploy ITSM360 in your Microsoft tenant. As a result, you have full control & 100% strategy alignment.

It is an unprecedented degree of freedom, 100% strategy alignment

Microsoft 365 based ITSM tool

Behind every successful company are excellent management and the right strategies. Consequently, many enterprises run their business on top of Microsoft 365 in contrast to proprietary and siloed data systems.

As a result, moving into a platform enables you to increase efficiency, security, flexibility. Moreover, establish a baseline for cost-cutting.

ITSM coupled with the Microsoft tech. stack

In essence, this is why we with ITSM360 combines recognized ITIL practices with Microsoft 365 (and the entire cloud stack from Microsoft.

To emphasize, we fight the data-siloes with ITSM360. Finally, with ITSM360, your ITSM-tooling platform will be a part of a truly leading IT-ecosystem.

ITSM360 Enduser APP for Microsoft Teams for reporting tickets and requesting services
ITSM360 Enduser APP for Microsoft Teams for reporting tickets and requesting services

ITSM360 benefits

ITSM360 is a unified solution for ITSM process orchestration.

ITSM360 scales as a business grows while delivering the mission-critical features an organization needs.

It is tailored to, built for, and priced for Microsoft-aligned organizations.

Build on a platform

Proven and recognized platform – read about how SharePoint/Teams as a trusted platform can run your business.

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An entire ecosystem enables you to stay productive in addition to world-class flexibility and scalability.

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Best business case

ITSM360 delivers in terms of optimizing your return on investment without colliding with your business requirements.

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Ease of use

Build on top of SharePoint and teams with the help of Microsoft UI Framework means recognizability for IT-professionals and your end-users.

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Reduce risk

Security and regulatory compliance are equally crucial for ITSM today. In the light of this, your Microsoft tenant is the home of security and compliance.

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Go ahead!

Go ahead!

Stand on the shoulder of a giant

Microsoft has created an excellent ecosystem for businesses. Robust, innovative, and supported by a global partner network.

Equally important is the innovation from Microsoft. Clearly, the cloud platform develops at lightspeed with AI, bots, and reshaping SharePoint and Teams for tomorrow’s needs.

As shown above, then our foundation is a real platform along with a global partner network.

With this in mind, running with ITSM360 means a security of supply and continued innovation.

That is to say, what you need for your next ITSM-solution.

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ITSM360 Model

ITSM360 design principles

ITSM360 builds on the design principles that shape the Office-family and Teams. These principles help the design stay true to our product goals and user needs.

Turn-key ITSM solution

We offer with ITSM360 a turn-key ITSM solution for Microsoft aligned enterprises. As for an architectural standpoint, this will give you a total alignment to your current Microsoft landscape. This platform will provide you with savings and efficiency.

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Alongside ITSM360...

… leverage the cloud stack from Microsoft

As a result of the design principles, you will have comprehensive options for adapting ITSM360 into your business case.

Above all, ITSM360 runs on SharePoint Online. As a result of this, you will be able to directly implement most of your business cases in the SharePoint lists provided by ITSM360.

In addition to this, ITSM360 connects to Teams, use Power BI for reporting, Microsoft Power Automate for automation and workflows.

In fact, other components like Microsoft Graph, Power Virtual Agent, and more can be used seamlessly with ITSM360.

Power Automate and ITSM360


In essence, ITSM360 brings real innovation into the ITSM industry. Why not spend an hour with us, and see ITSM360 in real-time?


In the first place, we will recommend our one-to-one demo. Request it here. Moreover, see our news on our LinkedIn page.

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