Move ITSM into your Microsoft Office stack

Our ITSM software helps you work smarter, simpler, and faster.


ITSM360 leads the way in ITSM tooling on top of the Microsoft cloud stack

With ITSM360 on top of your Microsoft Office tenant, you stand on a shoulder of a giant

Build on the principles of Microsoft Office

Designed for ITIL compliance

For the same reason, you are using Microsoft 365

You are probably already satisfied with Teams, perhaps also workflow orchestration from Power Automate.

Are you advanced, then perhaps Power BI is in use already. And your colleagues benefit from collaboration and process support in SharePoint.

Now, it is time to take a step further with your existing Microsoft knowledge and subscriptions.

The coupling between standard Microsoft and ITSM360 is a natural alternative to dominant ITSM-players. Our ITSM tooling approach gives you back control, degrees of freedom and is a part of the largest IT ecosystem worldwide.

ITSM360 leverages open and recognized Microsoft cloud technology

Say yes to reducing data silos, a standardized Microsoft UI interface, proven workflow, and AI capabilities from Azure and Power Platform for ITSM practices.

Running ITSM on top of the Office-family provides you with:

  • Economics of scale
  • Best in class security and IT-governance
  • Recognized and proven technology

Real success in the real world

See businesses just like yours that have partnered with us and uses ITSM360 to achieve day-to-day results

ITSM is people and processes, but the technology matters

ITSM360 – a real Office app

We bridge your ITSM practices into your Office tenant with ITSM360. As a ready-built ITSM solution for Microsoft Office.

Teams and SharePoint based

An unmatched collaboration platform. Proven business results. Recognized inside IT and outside. Covers needs from small organizations and is capable of fulfilling needs from enterprises at the same time. Secure and compliant. Open for developers and low code options. Easy to use and supports Microsoft UI Fabrics.

In summation, an unmatched platform and the reason for us to use SharePoint/Teams as the baseline for ITSM360.

Workflows, reports, AI, automation, API for data in/out

All required items for a modern ITSM solution. And yes, this is supported in ITSM360 through intelligent use of Microsoft exosystem components.

Instead of building…

  • Authentication – Azure AD included by default ->
  • Reports – Power BI ->
  • Autoamtion – Power Automate ->
  • Own apps – Power Apps ->
  • AI and chatbot – Microsoft bot framework –>
  • Microsoft integrations – Use of GraphAPI ->
  • Other integrations – Use of SharePoint REST API ->

… and more, then we are leveraging the seamless connection between strong Microsoft building blocks.

In simple terms, why reinvent the wheel. Stand on a shoulder of a giant – we just add ITSM practices to this magnificent ecosystem.

Learn what ITSM360 can do for you!

We are here to help you, and we would like to show you how the ITSM360 app, combined with core Microsoft ecosystem blocks, is a way to move forward.

In the demo, we will cover;

  • The overall scope of ITSM360
  • Orchestration of primary ITIL practices in ITSM360
  • How you will be able to configure and maintain the solution without expensive consultants

To conclude, how you can leverage your existing Microsoft knowledge for creating even more results.

Live example – seeing is believing

Power BI shared as on a webpage

The use of Microsoft Power BI inside ITSM360 is an excellent example of our DNA. In addition, we utilize existing recognized technology from Microsoft for workflow/automation (Power Automate), Azure AD, Microsoft fluent UI, Graph API.

Yes, the stack is compelling!

– Share reports and dashboards to stakeholders

– BI and AI options

– Seamless integration to Teams or other platforms

See our BI blog here. Or open the Power BI iframe embedded real-time Power BU Report below.

There are alternatives to ServiceNow, FreshDesk, etc.

We are the real alternative to global dominant ITSM-tooling players. In particular, if you have a Microsoft strategy and a staff that is experienced within Microsoft technology.

Our ambition is not to reinvent ITSM practices. Instead, we want to reinvent the general perception of ITSM tooling. In essence, how you can run ITIL-based practices on top of a standard platform.

Last but not least, none of the dominant competitors will offer you word-class security and flexibility.


First, ITSM360 is delivered on a very attractive and reasonable subscription model. Importantly is not the subscription for ITSM360, but the overall cost of ownership.

Leveraging your existing skills and Microsoft subscriptions cuts costs compared to what our competitors promise you.

In turn, the overall cost of ownership is low with ITSM360.

Safeguarding data

Security and compliance are on the ITSM agenda. As a result, many ITSM solutions handle GDPR in scope data – or data regulated by other regulatory compliance frameworks.

Our competitors cannot offer a simple thing such as independent selection of a cloud data center.

Possible with ITSM360.

User experience

As for simplicity, it needs to be simple for end-users, IT professionals, and application maintenance. Simplicity is created by using Microsoft UI Fabcircs for the user interface.

Just think of how much documentation exists for working with SharePoint list or similar for back-end application maintenance.

You don’t get it easier anywhere else.


Be agile with ITSM360. Power Automate offers codeless options in workflow design and the entire toolbox and options from Microsoft support agility.

You can also use Teams and SharePoint for agile collaboration with stakeholders outside IT. Everything is connected, ready for real team-based work.