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We implement ITSM on top of SharePoint and Teams like nobody else with ITSM360

ITSM360 based on Teams and SharPoint


Simplified and secure ITSM

Go ahead. With ITSM360 on top of your Microsoft tenant, you stand on a shoulder of a giant.

ITSM360, the most Microsoft-centric ITSM solution on the market. The ITSM360 solution supports all the latest Microsoft services and aligns with your Microsoft cloud strategy.

  • World-class flexibility in terms of partners and resources
  • Use your own Microsoft competencies and resources
  • Easy adoption due to use of Microsoft fluent UI
  • Probably the most secure ITSM platform – it runs in your complaint Microsoft tenant
  • Open for the Microsoft eco-system such as Power BI, Flow, AI, Azure, Intune, SCCM, Virtual Agent, etc…

In turn, an ITSM business case fulfills that your demands/needs. And not to forget, it delivers a great ROI at the same time.

ITSM360 - Teams based self-service portal for end-users - create ticket
ITSM360 - Teams based self-service portal for end-users - create ticket

ITSM is people and processes, but the technology matters

Our technology fits into your Microsoft technology

Explore our core building blocks


Get started with a demo

We are here to help you, and we would like to show you how the ITSM360 app, combined with core Microsoft ecosystem blocks, is a way to move forward.

In the demo, we will cover;

  • The overall scope of ITSM360
  • Orchestration of primary ITIL practices in ITSM360
  • How you will be able to configure and maintain the solution without expensive consultants

To conclude, how you can leverage your existing Microsoft knowledge for creating even more results.

Real success in the real world

See businesses just like yours that have partnered with us and uses ITSM360 to achieve day-to-day results

Like so many other things in life, then a good start is essential for the final result. Therefore, the initial implementation of Service Management means a lot for us.


To emphasize, then implementation of (or replacement of existing) ITSM software is not a routine operation. However, we are here to help you secure the ITSM implementation to the agreed time and budget.


In turn, then it embraces stakeholders from top-level management within IT to service desk agents but moreover also your end-users.


Our implementation services


Relevant for me?

We live in a world of tools. The ITSM industry is no exception, and we have many good competitors.

In contrast to most of our competitors, then the ITSM360 solution embraces your current technology and strategy. The intention is NOT to build another data silo and pack you into an expensive consultancy process.

We will give you degrees of freedom without compromising function, safety, and compliance.