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Own governed Microsoft tenant

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Discover how our ITSM360 solution for Microsoft 365 enables you to execute your ITIL processes.


ITSM solution

designed for Microsoft 365

ITSM360 is a ready-build solution deeply rooted in ITIL. ITSM360 is leveraging your Microsoft tech. stack on all levels, and brings significant savings and options for Microsoft aligned organizations.

  • It runs in your Microsoft tenant
  • Most secure and compliant ITSM platform
  • Flexible and scales

Harvest benefits from Microsoft 365 NOW

Any business that runs in the Microsoft cloud can run ITSM360. It fits into your subscription. Your people know the platform. It is recognized, secure – what are you waiting for?

Contact us for a one-hour non-binding demonstration. It will pay off in the long run!

Microsoft cloud power

as ITSM platform

We are leveraging the power of the cloud platform from Microsoft in an ITSM context.

While there are many things to be excited about with Microsoft 365/Power Platform, one of the main reasons we’re truly excited is that it is a truly open/flexible/scalable/secure platform.

Most secure & compliant ITSM platform, flexible and scalabale platform Most secure & compliant ITSM platform, flexible and scalabale platform


Companies that trust ITSM360

You will find ITSM360 customers in Europe and North/South America, and the Middle East.

Our customers in 18 countries share the same set of values. They want painless ITSM with high efficiency and low ITSM expenses at the same time.

  • 24X7 support option
  • Strong implementation model
  • Attractive cost model

The ITSM360 benefits

SharePoint as backbone

ITSM360 builds on the design that shapes the Office-family and Teams. As a result, with ITSM360, you reuse your Microsoft experience and subscriptions for ITSM.

Above all, SharePoint is a proven platform. Business executives worldwide recognize it, and we don’t need proof of this – just follow the Microsoft 365 success.

To clarify why SharePoint (and Teams) makes sense in the ITSM context:

  • Native collaboration and process platform
  • SPFx framework – development interface for custom specific SharePoint apps
  • Excellent knowledge-sharing features
  • Secure and compliant to frameworks like GDPR, FDA, etc.

In turn, the correct origin for a modern ITSM tool.

Lastly and most importantly, your staff will find it easy to work with an existing platform. Hence, cost savings and consolidation.

Use of Teams

Without a doubt, Microsoft Teams provides new digital options for modern organizations.

In the light of Teams and ITSM, then we see that self-service adoption works in Teams. As a result of this, then we have added a self-service Teams app to ITSM.

See our adoption blog about Teams and self-service here.

Adjacent to the end-user app, then we offer a range of options for ITSM360 work inside Teams.

In other words, Teams and SharePoint are connected, and we offer a great use of Teams.

Process design and orchestration

Power Automate is powering processes in ITSM360. For you, it matters because this platform becomes a central brick in your Microsoft infrastructure. Why not start to consolidate your processes tooling?

  • Easy to use
  • Inbuild in your subscription
  • Well documented

BI – better than reports!

As for reports, then ITSM360 connects to Power BI, and all your dashboards, reports, and insights are delivered by Power BI.

  • Share your reports outside ITSM
  • BI capabilities
  • Turn data into knowledge

Link to blog about Power BI from us.https://itsmcompany.net/itsm-and-power-bi/

Go ahead!

Go ahead!

Stand on the shoulder of a giant

Microsoft has created an excellent IT ecosystem for businesses. Robust, innovative, and supported by a global partner network.

Thus, it is time to fight the data siloes. The fact that ITSM360 consolidates your ITSM tooling base on the Microsoft stack enables you to do this consolidation.

In a nutshell, ITSM360 runs in your Microsoft tenant. That is to say, a real gamechanger because you can reuse your Microsoft competencies and resources for ITSM orchestration.

Real consolidation. Real cost-cutting and maximizing your value and efficiency.

Simply stated, ITSM360 is the most Microsoft-centric ITSM solution on the market:

– Deployed into your SharePoint Online tenant

– Connects to Teams

– Uses the Power Platform for process design and reports

Going advanced?

Of course, ITSM360 connects to Power Virtual Agents, AI, and other hot Azure services that can bring your ITSM practices into a new age.