ITSM inside Microsoft 365

Unlike the mainstream ITSM industry, ITSM360 provides a complete ITSM solution directly to your Microsoft tenant.
ITSM360 Ecosystem

Due to the proven and recognized M365 platform, you will get substantial benefits with ITSM on top of Microsoft 365

dell ITSM360

Maximize ROI

Leverage your current Microsoft spending, capacity, and knowhow

dell ITSM360

Security & Compliance

Probably the most secure and compliant ITSM solution in the world

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dell ITSM360

A true platform

Connect instead of integrating. The entire Microsoft cloud is available

Recognized and proven Microsoft technology shapes ITSM360

ITSM360 and Power Automate

Connecting ITSM to Microsoft 365

In essence, this is what we do with ITSM360.

We are pioneers in our field. ITSM360 is the best-aligned ITSM tool for the Microsoft cloud stack.

The numerous capabilities of Microsoft 365 become combined with proven ITIL/ITSM methodologies in ITSM360.

Think about how satisfied your end-user will be when they can chat with IT directly inside Teams.

It does not end here. ITSM360 is a wall-to-wall ITSM solution that competes directly with prominent vendors like SNOW, BMC, and FreshDesk.

But when they are struggling with integrating your favorite Microsoft 365 suite, we simply connect to it – and then you are ready to go.

ITSM360 user self service in Teams - assets

Aligned to the Microsoft stack and ITIL

SharePoint back-end

SharePoint – is unquestionably the most used collaboration tool. ITSM360 runs on SharePoint, keeps your data, and powers your processes.

The ITSM360 SPO apps are designed for modern IT ticking and much more.

Teams ITSM apps

Concerning daily efficiency, Teams provide soo much value to ITSM.

IT Helpdesk app for end-users for Teams is one option in ITSM360 + IT ticketing system inside Teams.

Power Automate

Unique workflows such as onboarding, automation of routine tasks, and more are executed from Power Automate.

In the case of integration, PA is also used in some cases.

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Power BI insigts

Including in ITSM360, you will find Power BI report templates for ITSM reporting.

Next, you can modify these or create your ITSM metrics and KPIs – in case of special needs.

Azure Managed

In short, security matters for ITSM as well. In order to manage this, your Azure AD governs ITSM360 ultimately.

ITSM360 adapts to all security and compliance offerings from Microsoft.

ITIL Software/Features

ITSM360 is an ITSM tool that is aligned with ITIL. In terms of features, all primary ITIL practices are supported in ITSM360.

+ features for a facility, finance, or other service areas.

Truly dedicated to

IT Service Management & IT Management software

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As for inspiration, learn from Arvato Bertelsmann – speaking about the ITSM360 implementation.

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