IT self-service in Microsoft TEAMS

Strike while the iron is hot

We just left a COVID epidemic, and from an IT perspective, everybody learned to live and work inside Microsoft Teams.
We must seize this TEAMS momentum.

Your users start Microsoft Teams every morning. Perhaps they are not in love with the app, but they use it as a part of their daily collaboration.

ITSM360 TEAMS End-user APP

This app is integrated as part of our ITSM360 solution. It is deployed directly into Teams and can be accessed by everyone.


  • Highly configurable (set your abbreviations, set scope and content + much more)
  • It can be placed as a “hotlink” in the left pane or inside a channel
  • Straightforward content management by the ITSM360 back-end
  • It fits into your AD and permission structure
  • Easy to use for everybody
  • Works across platforms (mobile in app, browser or Teams client)

Advanced IT Self-service

If you belong to the group that wants more than just a self-service portal, we offer several unique options.

Our baseline, where we connect (or fit into) other Microsoft technologies, gives ITSM360 a competitive edge.

Examples could be Microsoft Cognitive Services or Microsoft Virtual Agent combined with ITSM360.


We want to reduce e-mails as much as possible. Therefore, in our roadmap, an entire Teams communication platform is planned.

The first step is already ready for you.

  • Live Chat is initiated from a user, or if a Virtual Agent escalates the support session
  • IT needs to ask the user a question concerning a ticket

For this, we have a Teams feature ready. ITSM360 can create a Teams Group for communication. Each ticket will create a Teams Group.

Example from user perspective

See ticket ID 43196 in Teams –> LINK

Example from IT perspective

See ticket ID 43196 from IT inside ITSM360 Ticket Console -> LINK


Voice Recording

In some use-cases, the end-user needs to leave a voice message. This feature is supported as an option in ITSM360 self-service portal, as a voice recording option direct in Teams.

The case will be created with a voice file for IT.


Article about what Employee Experience -> LINK