ITSM is teamwork

Use Teams and ITSM360 for IT collaboration

Microsoft Teams in ITSM context

Are you constantly switching platforms and apps?

Microsoft Teams, loaded with ready-made ITSM apps, boosts productivity and enhances collaboration.

ITSM360 Change Management G3

IT Service Management and Microsoft Teams

Being #1 in Microsoft-based ITSM means using Teams actively in all aspects of your ITSM practices.

We enjoy Teams because it fosters collaboration, and ITSM processes are collaboration.

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IT self-service in Microsoft Teams

Are you experiencing frustration with your current IT self-service adoption?

It should be something other than a treasure hunt to access IT self-service offerings.

We’re here to streamline your experience, making finding and using our IT self-service portal hassle-free.

How – with the self-service directly in Teams where your users are familiar and experienced already!

Our ITSM Teams app portfolio

IT Ticketing

Full Service Desk app in Microsoft Teams for IT agents


Configuration Management App for CMDB, ITAM, and Service Portfolio


Governance, Risk and Compliance management from Microsoft Teams

IT Self-service

Microsoft Teams app for IT self-service

PM App

Change Enablment and Problem Management app for Microsoft Teams


Transform your ITSM practices with ready-made ITSM Teams apps

The apps are stored in your Teams app catalog. They can be deployed to any channel with multiple parameter sets for meeting your business needs.

  • Multi-deployment cababilites
  • Adaptive mode (adapt to the process)
  • Connects to SharePoint as data source
  • Responsive (ready for load in Teams mobile version)
  • Multi-language support
  • Developed in Microsoft SPFx
  • Styled and governed by Microsoft Fluent UI
  • Permissions governed by Azure AD (Entra AD) and Teams settings

ITSM in your Microsoft Teams Channels

An effective way of collaborating inside IT is by using teams and channels.

You probably do this already, but when working with an ITSM process, you must navigate away and into your ITSM system.

These days are over with ITSM360.

Our ITSM apps are being loaded directly into your Teams channel and configured to the process.

The benefit is that you can use native Teams features and work with required data in the proper context. Not more, not less.

Teams Admin ITSM360


Inject the Teams ITSM apps into your tenant

  • Administrations work with the Teams app like all other Teams apps, with complete control from your AD and Teams admin center.
  • Your IT teams are ready to work fast and from the first day. The Teams framework shapes the apps and gives familiarity to the user.
  • Your end-users chat and work in Teams the entire day, and they will also welcome the self-service options directly where they work.
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