Leveraging Microsoft Teams

to bolster your ITSM practices

ITSM360: #1 Microsoft ITSM

How do you think Microsoft Teams can help teams stay on top of key ITSM tasks and activities?

Explore the benefits of integrating ITSM practices into the Microsoft Teams platform

1 - Adoption

With its popularity among employees, Teams is the ideal choice for your ITSM practices. Its familiar and intuitive user experience means minimal training time and maximum user adoption.

Not only that, Teams is supported on multiple operating systems and devices, ensuring seamless collaboration no matter what device your team members are using.

Make the switch to Teams today and experience the power of a user-friendly and versatile collaboration platform.

2 -Working context

Enhance your productivity by incorporating practical business logic into your Teams channels.

With ITSM360, our ITSM apps are adaptive and work inside channels with the specific logic you need.

3 - Native Teams features

The native features of Teams offer significant benefits from an ITSM standpoint.
Interacting with users through chatting, conducting shared screen sessions, and utilizing bots for calls are examples of valuable native Teams features for ITSM purposes.

4 - Collaborate with externals

Collaborate securely with externals and enjoy real-time collaboration with stakeholders by leveraging Teams.

Or even boost your SIAM initiatives with Microsoft Teams and ITSM apps.

How ITSM360 works inside Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams ITSM

ITSM360 is a suite of interconnected Microsoft 365 apps using SharePoint as central data storage.

Our apps can easily be customized and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, specifically in a designated channel.

So, if you have a Team managing mobile devices, you add the ticket and asset apps into the channel where this team has their daily work – and after this, they will be able to see only tickets related to the process of handling mobile devices.

We call this adaptive app technology, meaning that they can support the process aligned to the team.

List of ITSM360 Teams apps

  • Ticket app (case management)
  • CMS app (Configuration Management System including CMDB/asset)
  • Problem/Change app
  • GRC app
  • Project Management app
  • Self-Service app
  • Task app