ITSM360 – A gamechanger in the ITSM industry

We build ITSM tooling on top of Microsoft 365

As an ITSM tooling developer, we work in a highly competitive industry. Gartner estimates that +700 players are in place.

Since our start, we have doubled our client base each year. The reason for this is simple. We are using Microsoft 365 as the foundation for our solution named ITSM360.

With us and ITSM360, you will get:

  • Economies of scale
  • Best in class security and IT-governance
  • Sustainable digital transformation inside IT and outside
ITSM360 Form Builder

Our innovative form builder tool for creating SERVICE REQUEST forms is just one of many of our special Service Management features added to Microsoft 365.

Built By Independent Industry Pros

ITSM Company is proud to be an independent, founder-led company. Our executive team has decades of IT experience between them.

In fact, the start-up of ITSM360 was due to the founders’ problems in implementing ITSM and governance for Scandinavian organizations with major American ITSM solutions.

Not that the systems were unable to do the job, but it became cumbersome with significant overspendings and delayed go-live.

The conclusion was, why not use a standardized platform, and ITSM360 was born.

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Thomas Bo Nielsen

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Jonathan Matschofsky

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Hans Thonke

Hans Thonke

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