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ITSM360 Inside Your Microsoft Tenant 2

Ready-to-use ITSM apps for Microsoft 365

SharePoint as embedded data souce (not as UI)

Connectivity to M365 ecosystem apps and services

ITSM360 · #1 Microsoft ITSM

We empower you to harness your Microsoft capacity for your next ITSM solution – with a ready-made ITSM solution to be deployed to your tenant.

We are the leading provider of Microsoft-based ITSM software, offering a groundbreaking Microsoft 365 technology that empowers our customers to:


  • Reduce ITSM costs
  • Enhance security
  • Leverage the latest AI and automation features from Microsoft within their ITSM operations
  • Best adpotion by using familar Microsoft UI

Learn from EAO AG, Olten, Switzerland

We harness the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem for ITSM

Dedicated to transforming ITSM and IT Governance

ITSM is a software company with ready-made Microsoft software that enables medium and large organizations worldwide to manage their business with integrated solutions for IT Service Management, Risk Management, and IT governance based on known and proven Microsoft cloud technology.

ITSM Company is an independent company established in 2017.

Today, the company serves customers and partners in +30 countries from our locations in Denmark, Lithuania, and India.

We are

An independent software vendor that works for you

We work for customers who need a fresh approach to ITSM tooling, and we see that our customers come from highly prominent vendors like ServiceNow, FreshDesk, and BMC.

What drives them to us is typically:

  • Budget where our approach with consolidation on top of the existing M365 platform makes the business case stronger
  • Over-complicated software which requires specialists instead of using one’s own Microsoft know-how
  • Cybersecurity and governance where they need to regain data control
Our objectives

Our team empowers our customers to harness the full potential of their Microsoft human capital by providing a streamlined, secure, and reputable platform for executing IT processes and IT Management.


We provide modern software tools to empower medium and large organizations in managing and governing their IT processes.


We are leveraging the power and capabilities of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to revolutionize the conventional approach of relying on isolated, specialized software solutions.

Values & Principles

We have three core principles/values that drive our disruption and value-creation, attracting customers across industries in many countries.

1 -> Solution Manifest

We want to challenge our main competitors each day by taking best-of-breed from Microsoft and transforming this into valuable ITSM for you.

Microsoft is the best to make AI, authentication/security, workflow tools, and much more, and our role is to create a ready-made solution using standard Microsoft.

2-> Partnership

Our track record speaks for itself. Many valued customers have chosen us over our competitors because we genuinely listen to their needs.

We go the extra mile to translate those needs into practical solutions, ensuring the success of their operations.

When you partner with us, you can expect unparalleled dedication and support. Together, we can achieve greatness.

3-> Dedication

At our small company, we value working with dedicated and forward-thinking colleagues exclusively.

Our commitment to disruption and innovation defines us, and every member of our organization plays a crucial role.

We selectively collaborate with the best talent to achieve enduring outcomes.



We are working with Microsoft Partners worldwide, which help our customers with automation, configuration, and other practices when they run out of resources.

Dedicated ITSM360 Partners are also welcome where we currently work in close relationships with:

Operaio AG, Zürich, Switzerland -> https://operaio.ch/en/
Transitieprofs, Houten, Nederland -> https://www.transitieprofs.com/en/contact/

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