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Are you considering a new ITSM platform?

Have you ever been tired of too many platforms? Tired of complicated ITSM, or do you want to pay a reasonable cost for your ITSM?

That’s precisely the problem we solve with ITSM360. It is combining your hot Microsoft 365 product into the ITSM context.

This unique blend of ITSM and Office 365 removes your worries about expensive proprietary ITSM solutions.

Seeing is believing

Start your new ITSM journey with a demonstration. Spend one hour on Teams with us – it might save you hundreds!


The ITSM360 Story

We know ITSM and Microsoft. In fact, customers around the world believe in us and our technology

At ITSM Company, we believe there is a better way to ITSM tooling. A more practical way where IT professionals (and users) used technology that they know. Platform/tools that they are comfortable with.

In this case, Office 365 is hard to get around. Well recognized, secure, and scalable. And with the Teams and SharePoint development framework SPFx, we have all we need to create stunning ITSM solutions on top of the Office platform.

We are passionate about ITSM with a strong focus on Microsoft building blocks. Therefore, our primary mission is to simply ITSM with the buildings blocks provided by Microsoft.

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Senior Partner ITSM COMPANY

Our founding

Despite our industry, our role model is Lego. This old company with 50+ years of toys experience has great DNA in their genes. In essence, all their plastic bricks simply fit together.

This Lego DNA was precisely the baseline for ITSM Company:

Engineering a new ITSM platform fitting together Microsoft components

Jonathan Matshofsky

Jonathan Matshofsky

Sales Executive, ITSM Company

About us, and where does the name “ITSM360” come from?

Our solution name is ITSM360. The 360 means that we can work 360-degrees with the solution and platform.

The tech. stack gives us powerful ways of binding together end-users, IT professionals, suppliers, and not least business stakeholders.

In turn, collaboration and sharing on a large scale.

I am more than ready to discuss ITSM with you. Or give you a competitive quote for your next ITSM solution😊

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