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We develop ITSM software that helps people work better

But who are we, what is our story and what are our core values? Scroll to find out or feel free to get in touch.


ITSM Company

We do our best every day

We are an experienced and competent team that does our utmost every day to give our customers the best possible digital experience. We want to be the leading ITSM software company in the world. For us, it is important to be able to offer our customers the best solution that optimizes where the need is.

We are a team consisting of different profiles that have extensive experience in the ITSM area, which enables us to create the best conditions and solutions – not only for our customers, but also for us as a company.

What we do

We have the right mix of ITSM specialists and Microsoft nerds. Together we have created a real game-changer: the ITSM360 solution – the most matured ITSM solution for Microsoft 365.

Our passion for both ITSM practices and Microsoft technology is wrapped into ITSM360.

We don’t want to reinvent ITSM – just deliver it on an intelligent platform

Who we are

We are ITSM COMPANY. We simplify and optimize how you and your employees work. But we are more than just a IT-solution. Behind ITSM COMPANY we are passionate people who cares deeply for human values. Our people are truly the heart of the company. 

Our core values:
  • NWe are passionate about our specialty and want to make a real and measurable difference
  • NWe work in long-term relationships in partnership with our customers
  • NWe listen, analyze and involve our customers

Our story

We know ITSM and Microsoft. In fact, customers around the world believe in us and our technology.

At ITSM Company, we believe there is a better way to ITSM tooling. A more practical way where IT professionals (and users) used technology that they know. Platform/tools that they are comfortable with.

In this case, Office 365 is hard to get around. Well recognized, secure, and scalable. And with the Teams and SharePoint development framework SPFx, we have all we need to create stunning ITSM solutions on top of the Office platform.

We are passionate about ITSM with a strong focus on Microsoft building blocks. Therefore, our primary mission is to simply ITSM with the buildings blocks provided by Microsoft.

Our vision

The vision with ITSM360 is to use well-proven components from Microsoft for shaping a modern ITSM solution.

In short, Azure AD delivers security and authentication. SharePoint gives you “free” storage in terms of lists and features in SharePoint like version history, etc. Teams are used for collaboration, and we could continue.

In other words, we are like kids playing with Lego bricks. We put them together, and they fit 100% together, and when we are missing a brick, then we build with the use of SPFx, Graph API or Sharepoint REST API.

Simply stated, technologies that are proven, well recognized, and globally supported by Microsoft and the network of Microsoft partners.

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When we started with SharePoint online and ITSM in 2017, my vision was to work with ITSM on an intelligent platform. A real platform recognized inside and outside IT, and a platform with proven business results.

Today, we have reached our objectives with ITSM360, and thank you to our customers and hard-working coworkers for your spirit and pioneering effort.

But, our journey has just started. We will continue to challenge our large competitors on their sole point – their silo-based approach.

Thomas Bo Nielsen
Senior Partner, ITSM COMPANY

The team

Behind every succesful business is a visionary team

Our implementation capabilities ensure your success with ITSM360.

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Consultant & Senior Partner

Jonathan Matschofsky

Sales Executive

Hans Thonke

Head of delivery

Thirumal Kandari

Team Lead & ITSM Architect

Martin Plambæk
Senior Consulant & Trainer