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About us

In short, then we are a unique mix of experienced ITSM professionals and Microsoft professionals.

Rather than “just” develop yet another ITSM tool into an existing jungle of software tools, then our bold plan is to combine and customize standard Microsoft components into a modern ITSM tool.

As a result, we have a professional and inspiring daily business life. Put differently; we are playing and exploring the new technology from Microsoft in the ITSM context.

Consequently, bringing the Microsoft Ecosystem into ITSM is our trademark. With ITSM360, we have a leading solution portfolio for multiple use-cases.

Planning in new ITSM tooling?

To begin with, you can follow the ITSM-mainstream. Then, you will end up with some prominent vendors like SNOW, BMC, etc.

Indeed, this works for many organizations. However, it also brings high expenses in terms of both implementations and day-to-day expenses. And yet, you will still not have the same flexibility as delivered by the Microsoft cloud.

Let’s explore the alternative together. We offer a fundamental ITSM tool paradigm change.

Proof of this is ITSM360.

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Jonathan Matshofsky

Jonathan Matshofsky

Sales Executive, ITSM Company

Phone: +45 5370 3244

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Senior Partner, ITSM Company

Phone: +45 4040 3244

Hans Thonke

Head of delivery, ITSM Company

Our role model

Despite our industry, then our role model is a 50-year-old company from Denmark – Lego. As a matter of fact, Lego has been able to produce plastic bricks that fit together (old and new).

With this in mind, think about how creative youngsters put together innovative models and have fun with this.

We have the same fun with using building blocks from Microsoft. We use these technical building blocks in order to create actual business results for our customers.

Jonathan Matshofsky

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