Why ITSM360?

ITSM360 aligns with your most important IT metrics

ITSM360 is for modern service organizations dissatisfied with sizeable prominent ITSM vendors’ security, cost, and flexibility.

ITSM360 ready-made ITSM

Our ITSM360 solution is a ready-made ITSM solution packaged as Microsoft 365 apps. In addition, ITSM360 provides ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

ITSM360 difference

Unlike traditional ITSM cloud providers, ITSM360 is based on Microsoft 365. A secure, compliant, and flexible platform – that is recognized around the world.

ITSM360 features

ITSM360 provides a complete suite of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint apps required for your ITSM practices.

Deliver strategic value

We have proven results with ITSM360 with customers in +30 countries

ITSM360 is the de facto standard for ITSM process orchestration on top of Microsoft 365, with the most extensive installed base

itsm360 ROI

Return on Investment

As it has for years, ROI continues to be central in IT and digital transformation.

Leveraging your Microsoft stack and resources for ITSM gives economies of scale.

ROI depends on both investment and daily cost for maintenance.

ITSM360 is cost-effective in subscription, and your staff makes application management easy.

Business Value

Reusing a recognized platform for ITSM enables IT to quantify expected business values fast and transparently.

ITSM360 enables IT teams to understand benefits, impacts, and implications more straightforwardly than our competitors.

Furthermore, the entire options from Azure AI, Microsoft Virtual Agent, and more contribute as essential building blocks which add proven business value.

ITSM360 business value
ITSM360 man cloud

Microsoft Cloud

You are using the Microsoft cloud because it is secure and gives you excellent operational performance.

ITSM360 adapts to this cloud and your tenant, harnessing all the values in the cloud.

With ITSM360, you don’t integrate – you connect to Microsoft Services.

Most importantly, executing ITSM from your Microsoft cloud is the most secure ITSM platform – with regulatory compliance to all major frameworks.

IT and business team engagement

The classic IT (ITIL inspired/governed) organization is challenged due to cloud services and new digital generations.

ITSM360, alongside standard Microsoft apps, enables you to build effective strategic partnerships with the business.

ITSM360 business team
ITSM360 adoption

Adoption and quality

Over several decades, the ITSM industry has tried to accelerate adoption by adding features and +100 reports inside their solutions.

By providing ITSM inside Microsoft Office, acceptance will be made, and adoption rates will increase.

Technical/strategy alignment

The IT velocity is higher than ever, with many projects developed/deployed in a rush. It can result in excessive technical debt, which can be expensive or impossible to manage.

Working on top of platforms reduces your technical dept index and enables effective transformation.

ITSM360 tech people