ITSM360 Model

Perfectly integrated
with the Microsoft 365 & Azure platform!

ITSM360 fits the IT Service Management needs of large and medium-sized organizations with disconcerting simplicity.

To emphasize, we fight the data-siloes and enable real ITSM consolidation for you. In conclusion, this generates:

1. Economics of scale

2. Increased security

3. Best-in-class IT-Governance

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New ITSM tooling options

Office 365, Azure and Teams for ITSM

ITSM360 is an enterprise Service Management solution designed for the Microsoft 365 cloud stack, with SharePoint online as the base storage/process layer.

The ITSM360 standard edition is targeted to medium to high ITSM complexity demands.

Practical examples from ITSM360

Value from a platform and ecosystem

To put it clearly, ITSM360 is not only a solution – it is a part of a platform (and ecosystem) that is delivered by Microsoft (Azure and O365 services) coupled with a strong partner network.

Value is provided by leveraging this unique and robust ecosystem for ITSM!

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    ITSM360 is a ready-built ITSM-solution for Microsoft Office 365

    You deploy ITSM360 in your Microsoft tenant
    As a result, you have full control & 100% strategy alignment

    Why ITSM360

    In the light of consolidation

    Technology is the lifeblood of business today, and you likely have a lot of it. But you may have accumulated ITSM software as you grew.

    Now, you have an assortment of ITSM tools never designed to work together.

    Yes? Then you need to consider an open platform for your next ITSM software project, and why not use the largest IT-ecosystem on the planet for businesses.

    Platform & consolidation

    With+700 ITSM solutions world-wide, then there are plenty of tooling options.

    Most of them run on proprietary technology, perhaps cloud, but still based on a traditional proprietary tech. stack with own authentication, security model, etc.

    We do it differently with ITSM360. We use a recognized cloud stack from Microsoft as a baseline and add ITSM-practices into it.

    Innovation guaranteed

    If you want innovation, lower costs, readiness for change, and world-class security, we are the obvious choice. We eliminate data-siloes and uses your cloud infrastructure to empower your IT people to do more.

    ITSM360 is for Microsoft aligned organizations, which can obtain a strong ITSM business case by leveraging their Microsoft technology/competencies investments in the ITSM context.

    Benefits of a Successful Consolidation

    In general, IT consolidation will dramatically improve your IT environment, building a more agile IT workforce, in the end, standardizing IT resources that make infrastructure more robust and services more reliable.

    Increased efficiency
    Cost savings
    Business agility
    More secure and compliant business
    Increased job satisfaction

    An excellent ecosystem is a baseline for ITSM360.


    In essence, ITSM360 brings real innovation into the ITSM industry. Why not spend an hour with us, and see ITSM360 in real-time?


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