Brings ITSM tooling into a new era

ITSM360 Innovation

Technology and innovation do not collide with ITSM360

Our innovation efforts concentrate on bridging well-proven ITSM practices into the unique cloud ecosystem provided by Microsoft and the partner network.

As an innovation and transformation company, we’ve repeatedly proved that innovation takes organizations further and faster.

Backbone in ITSM360

We work with Microsoft 365. SharePoint and Teams are the backbones of our ITSM360 tool due to some irresistible facts:

  • Included in your Microsoft subscription
  • Connects to a broad range of other Microsoft services and cloud components
  • Open for custom build apps and solutions

In addition, the platform having excellent results for powering business workflows and knowledge sharing already.

Why should I consider ITSM360?

First of all, you need to think about the cost/benefits. On the other hand, you also need to be prepared for the future and how your ITSM tool enables you to stay competitive.

ITSM360, as a ready-built ITSM solution for SharePoint and Teams, offers excellent options for you. The options in the Microsoft cloud, as wells as ITSM360, means:

  • You can expect a world leader as Microsoft keeps releasing new features that make sense in ITSM context. It could be within AI, bot features etc.
  • New Azure services and seamless integration to Intune, DevOps, and other services
  • Future staff members inside and outside IT has Microsoft knowledge, and adoption to ITSM360 is easy due to the use of a standardized interface (Microsoft Fluent UI)

ITSM360 is a ready-built ITSM-solution for Microsoft Office 365

You deploy ITSM360 in your Microsoft tenant
As a result, you have full control & 100% strategy alignment

ITSM360 offers new ITSM tooling options

For organizations that run in the Microsoft cloud

ITSM360 is a wall-to-wall ITSM solution. It is designed for enterprises and organizations that see the value in consolidation and the most advanced collaboration platform in the IT industry as the backbone for their ITSM toolbox.

The ITSM360 solution portfolio is mature, and we offer the following configurations for medium and large-sized organizations.

  • ITSM360-ENT, our flagship solution including best-practices and fast-track deployment packages
  • ITSM360-MSP, version for Managed Service Providers including CRM capabilities and ERP integrations
  • Enterprise Service Management, versions for HR, Finance, Tech. Service
  • GDPR DSAR template


Features ITSM360-ENT -> LINK

Microsoft Power Automate -> LINK

Seeing is beliving!

With+700 ITSM solutions world-wide, then there are plenty of tooling options.

Most of them run on proprietary technology, perhaps cloud, but still based on a traditional proprietary tech. stack with own authentication, security model, etc.

We do it differently with ITSM360. We use a recognized cloud stack from Microsoft as a baseline and add ITSM-practices into it.
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