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Have you ever considered the total cost of ownership?

Read below and we will tell you everything you need to know about costs and what should be considered.

TCO: Best-in-class with ITSM360

To begin with, we know that the business case matters. In the long run, the ITSM business case is a complex equation. As for the variables, you need to summarise the cost for solution/subscription, maintenance, the price for implementation, education, and day to day cost for keeping your solution in phase with your business.

Altogether, a very complex calculation.

Unleash the potential in Microsoft 365

Always up-to-date, ensuring that staff has the latest features to increase their efficiency, M365 meets the increasing demands of staff for a modern digital workplace. The cloud delivery model provides enhanced security features, simplifies IT operations, and reduces costs. To sum up, ITSM360 delivers on all parameters and will give you world-class ROI.

Key headline findings for business benefits and ROI

Microsoft 365 and ITSM360 is all about creating the best business case. Learn about the cost related to ITSM360.

Cost for ITSM360

In fact, ITSM360 provides you with a competitive cost model. Consequently, it is only the IT-staff that needs a subscription to ITSM360.

The subscription agreement grants access to new releases and support.

If you have a workflow that spans outside IT (e.g., approval in onboarding or similar), this “external” approver can fulfill this task without a subscription.

Implementation cost

In conclusion, most probably less than competitors.

To point out, you leverage own your Microsoft skills (or your partners), and no unique skill set is required to operate ITSM360.

All things considered, this relationship to core Microsoft reduces learning costs. The internet provides you with sufficient documentation for working with BI, workflows, etc.

Education and running-in cost

Due to our platform, then we can adapt to the Microsoft UI Fabrics platform. After all, then it means that your staff will see the ITSM360 app as “close to Microsoft experience”.

You might not find this meaning initially, but the experience tells that learning cost could be high and must be controlled and managed.

ITSM360 delivers on the parameter.

Day-to-day cost

Indeed, this is a critical parameter for modern enterprises and organizations. To enumerate all the advantages is too much, but using the list settings in SharePoint, Power Automate, and Power BI as the primary tool for adjusting your solution could be more comfortable.

Compliance and security cost

ITSM360 meets organizations where they are in their cloud journey with Microsoft.

Reduce your cost with centralized security and compliance management.

Reduce compliance cost with ITSM360

The cost of IT compliance and risk mitigation over the last years has increased since the financial crisis. Moreover, executives expect that cost regulatory compliance will continue to grow. Even as penalties are levied for non-compliance with existing rules, new rules continue to be released.

And one thing is exact, the cost of compliance is a heavy burden.

In other words, this is why ITSM360 powered by the Microsoft cloud will reduce compliance costs compared with “stand-alone” firms, even that they are significant.

Reduce cybersecurity cost with ITSM360

Indeed, cybersecurity cost is already on your radar. As for today, it is essential to keep in mind that security is in scope for ITSM as well.

It is essential to realize that a breach in your ITSM security could lead to a significant security breach in your organization. The most compelling evidence is user management between your central AD and cloud providers.

A point often overlooked is that Microsoft today is one of the largest security houses. Leveraging the Microsoft cloud’s security settings/program with ITSM360 makes real security saving compared with non-Microsoft based ITSM solutions.

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Regonized by CIO Applications Europe

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