Microsoft Teams and ITSM

Our core values are ITSM based on Microsoft technologies. As for collaboration and team capabilities, then Microsoft Teams will play a significant role. This will also apply to ITSM in the future, and we will launch our first Microsoft Team ITSM app in Q4-19.

The beta-release is ready and ready for demo.

The Microsoft Team ITSM app (ITSM360 for Teams) will be used together with our standard SharePoint based edition of ITSM360, which means that data and workflow will be powered by SharePoint – but added with Team capabilities.

The road-map for ITSM360 – Teams Edition is strong. The options provided by Teams are a great baseline for ITSM, and it will enable ITSM360 to be an even stronger ITSM solution in the near future.

Our core values are ITSM

Product description ITSM360 Teams Edition

Is under preparation.

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Other Ressources:

Teams introduction from Microsoft