Scale your ITSM success with Microsoft Teams

Maximize your IT team’s efficiency and create an exceptional customer experience with ITSM360 Teams apps.

Discover how ITSM360 supports your customers and how IT works with Teams to manage tickets and requests.

Microsoft Teams is here to stay, and we power it up with ITSM apps

The ITSM360 Microsoft Teams apps are divided into two classes, one for end-users and then apps for the IT department.

IT Self-Service in Teams

IT self-service must be accessible. The users will not use a self-service portal if they find it cumbersome.
Next, you will also lose credibility, and you are perceived as an IT organization that doesn’t understand the need of the business.

Our approach. Even IT novices recognize Microsoft Teams, so why not place all your self-service offerings in a Teams app.

With ITSM360, you have a completely flexible IT self-service portal as a Teams app.

Teams as a helping hand inside IT

Our ITSM Teams apps bring you the efficiency that you need.

You can deploy the apps to different Teams, enable external access to Teams and collaborate in real-time with externals.

They are also cross-platform compatible, and you can quickly work with tickets from your tablet inside Teams.

In other words, working with ITSM practices inside Teams enables you to bring the correct data and workflows into the proper working context.

Read more about Teams – link to Microsoft.


Life-chat in Teams with users – ready for you in ITSM360