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Microsoft Teams

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Empower your staff to work with ITSM in Microsoft Teams

ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams

With Teams and ITSM360, you have unprecedented opportunities to combine your features and functions into channels that match your working scenario and organization.

Let’s discuss how Teams can enable you to work more efficiently.

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Senior Partner, ITSM COMPANY

Microsoft Teams, coupled with ITSM360, makes your business thrive:

Users are familiar with Teams -> fast and easy adoption

Cross-platform supported -> PC, smartphone, and tables

Inbuild features enabled -> use chat etc.

Ready-made Microsoft Teams apps are available

I want to learn about the following

Use Microsoft Teams for IT self-service, and get the best self-service adoption

For the most part, end-users prefer to avoid swapping between many apps and portals. Unfortunately, even the best-designed self-service portal can fail due to this.

As a rule, keep your users in recognized and proven “windows” and apps and run IT self-service in Microsoft Teams.


ITSM360 Teams self-service app

This app is integrated as part of our ITSM360 solution. It is deployed directly into Teams and can be accessed by everyone.

  • Highly configurable (set your abbreviations, set scope and content + much more)
  • It can be placed as a “hotlink” in the left pane or inside a channel
  • Straightforward content management by the ITSM360 back-end
  • It fits into your AD and permission structure
  • Easy to use for everybody
  • Works across platforms (mobile in app, browser or Teams client)
Add the app to Microsoft Teams




Ability to request chat or drop a voice ticket


ITSM360 selfservice drop voice ticket and chat

ITSM360 selfservice drop voice ticket and chat

Order equipment and software etc. with approval workflow


ITSM360 selfservice - Order equipment and software etc. with approval workflow

ITSM360 selfservice – Order equipment and software etc. with approval workflow

Demo of ITSM360 self-service app for Teams

IT self-service concepts

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Use Teams as IT ticket handling app

Your IT staff works inside Teams from morning to evening, and keeping them in one app reduces spending Time swapping between windows and apps.


ITSM360 Ticket App for Microsoft Teams

Learn more about the features and benefits of the ITSM360 Ticket App for Microsoft Teams.

Teams groups and ITSM context

The ticket app is highly flexible, and you can configure it to run in one or multiple Teams groups/channels.

Use-case example:

If you have dedicated team members to fulfilling hardware requests, you can add the Ticket App to a channel called Hardware Request – and from here, your team can work with hardware request tickets only.

ITSM360 Ticket App Restricted Mode for Teams Channel

ITSM360 Ticket App Restricted Mode for Teams Channel

Collaborate with externals

Microsoft Teams is designed for collaboration. But more importantly, you can invite externals into a Teams channel for real-time collaboration.

In other words, SIAM (Service Integration and Management) processes can be fueled by Microsoft Teams channels.

Use-case example:

You want to work in real time with a supplier that handles some IT tickets on your behalf.

With the ITSM360 ticket app, you can add this to a channel and configure it to show tickets/cases assigned to this supplier only and give them access to this channel.

ITSM360 Ticket App Restricted Mode for Teams Channel

ITSM360 Ticket App Restricted Mode for Teams Channel

Microsoft Teams cross-platform supported

Microsoft Teams is widely supported across platforms and OS types and can run on a browser. Teams are now supported on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux

You can also use a combination of platforms. For example, you can use Teams on your Windows laptop and your iPhone.

Everything is synced between devices so you can continue messaging your colleagues while you’re on the move.


Microsoft Teams apps follow the guidelines from the Microsoft Fluent UI Design system.

It might be that you don’t like this design, but on the other hand, you have a uniform way and experience – and nobody from your organization starts UI discussions.

But, the core fact is that an app in Teams governed by UI Design System makes adoption easy.

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