ITSM360 – A powerful service-centric solution

No other ITSM solution exploits emerging Microsoft technologies as ITSM360 does
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Unlocking the power of the Microsoft Cloud for ITSM

We deliver a secure ITSM solution. Our aim with ITSM360 is to improve your flexibility, reduce cost, and increase the effectiveness of your people at work. The key points are:

  • Reuse your Microsoft competencies and knowledge
  • The most secure process and collaboration platform in the entire IT industry
  • Widely recognized and trusted

Excellent craftmandsship

ITSM360 is the de facto standard for ITSM process orchestration on top of Microsoft 365, with the most extensive installed base.

Our ITSM industry knowledge, combined with excellent utilization of the Microsoft Office development framework, gives our customers quality, security, and the best cost of ownership.


  • SPFx developed apps, webparts and list extensions
  • Apps for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • ITSM business logic/process executed from apps
  • Single SharePoint provided site managed solution
  • Classic list-based SharePoint implementation
  • Optimized for Power Platform Compatibility (lists and JSON objects)
ITSM360 Ticket App Monitor
ITSM360 8 Principles

Four core values and eight principles

Our firm commitment is holistic thinking. ITSM360 is not just an ITSM ticketing tool.

The use and exploitation of the Microsoft platform are one thing. Still, we guarantee it also works, and you can operate the tool and carry out the regular application maintenance task.


Microsoft 365 holds many opportunities for app developers, and we take them to heart in our design and ITSM360 architecture. We have an ITSM360 architecture where SharePoint is the central data storage point and is added with web parts, consoles, and apps on top of SharePoint for powering your ITSM processes. More about Microsoft 365 apps ->

1'st Princip - SharePoint based architecture for ITSM360

We are using SharePoint as the base layer for many reasons – technical as well as business benefits (cost perspective).

For our clients, our SharePoint-based architecture gives:

  • Executed/data processing from own tenant
  • Works with other Microsoft apps and components without integration
  • High Capacity
  • Outstanding service levels

More information ->

ITSM360 stack


2'nd Princip - Apps, web parts and extensions

Even with our fondness for SharePoint, standard SharePoint will not be sufficient concerning modern ITSM requirements.

Therefore, ITSM360 contains many apps, web parts, and SharePoint extensions.

Altogether, this set of features enables you to work with ITSM processes inside SharePoint and Teams.

The apps is connected to the SharePoint storage lists and can work with data related to several lists simultaneously.


Features and options

Most probably, the standard features are essential for you to evaluate. However, we have two main principles covering both custom options in ITSM360 and the out-of-the-box features.

3'rd Princip - Standard features vs Private features/workflow

Out of the box, ITSM360 comes with standard features and functions that equal our mid- and enterprise-marked competitors.

However, some companies want specific features and functions instead of standard out-of-the-box.

With ITSM360, it is possible to extend the solution with custom features and functions. Depending on the use case, the approaches for customizations are:

  • Adjusting data model (SharePoint list settings)
  • Workflows (add private Power Automate jobs)
  • New front-end or app for special business case (use Power App builder – low code tool)

In conclusion, we offer enough standard options and an approach to no-code customization.

4'th Princip - Power Platform Optimized

The Power Platform continues to evolve, and more and more business apps appear from this platform.

Of course, ITSM360 supports and leverages the Power Platform in many ways. Therefore, the database design (list structure) is compatible with the Power family (avoiding many content types, SharePoint look-ups, etc., for a fast/easy connection to Power Apps/BI).

Standard Power Automate workflows are included in the package, and templates for reporting in Power BI.


Governance and running a secure ITSM solution has our highest priorities. Proof of this is often made, where ITSM360 partly or wholly replaces large branded ITSM solutions due to non-compliance with GDPR or FDA.

5'th Princip - Harnessing Microsoft best of breed security and governance

The security/compliance benefit of ITSM360 is the tight relation to the security offered in the Microsoft 365 platform.

ITSM360 is probably the most secure and compliant ITSM solution you can find. No other ITSM vendor matches Microsoft’s investments in security and compliance.


ITSM360 follows all best practices from Microsoft in terms of design and security.

All security settings (as well as additional security plans) in Microsoft 365 apply to ITSM360.

We refer to relevant Microsoft documentation for securing SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Relevant links:

  • SharePoint authentication ->
  • SharePoint recommendation for securing SharePoint sites and files ->
  • Microsoft Sentinel ->
  • Microsoft 365 security documentation ->
  • How SharePoint and OneDrive safeguard your data in the cloud ->
6'th Princip - Secure App and managed upgrade/patching

Default – out-of-the-box settings for security

  • Azure AD controlled access to ITSM360
  • 4 Security groups defined
  • ITSM360 Agents (group for agents with limited permissions)
  • ITSM360G3 Members (IT staff)
  • ITSM360G3 Owner (admins)
  • ITSM360G3 Visitors (end-users)
  • Visitors are redirected from main site in case of access attempt -> can only access self-service


  • All security follows standard SharePoint/Microsoft methods, and can be changed to match specific security needs


App security overview

  • Azure App Registration
  • The ITSM360 app is registered in Azure with a unique application ID – named CLIENT ID
  • Based on the client ID, a CLIENT SECRET is required (password, generated by the customer)
  • Graph API Permission
  • Shared email box (e.g. support@xx.yy), Sites.FullControll.All, Mail.Send, Mail.ReadWrite
  • SharePoint permissions
  • Azure Certificate
  • A PowerShell created certificate connected to the SharePoint site (connected to the app registration)


More about security ->

Adoption & Application Management

Adoption and reduction of external consultants are vital for us. One of the most decisive adoption factors is simply to use our Teams-based apps.

7'th Princip - Adoption by Platform

Adoption is key – also for ITSM solutions.

We work with the term called adoption by design. We believe adoption is driven through known tools that provide familiarity.

First, we recommend using our Microsoft Teams apps for ticket handling and management.

Teams are recognized, and all users are familiar with Teams today.

Secondly, familiarity with Microsoft apps is also generated using a shared design framework. So, we use Microsoft Fluent UI in our design – and as a result, ITSM360 looks like a Microsoft app.

This is adoption by design.

Read about Fluent UI ->

8'th Princip - Reduce everlasting consulting

The everlasting consultancy bills for ITSM are a significant problem for many IT managers.

We provide a model where your ITSM maintenance cost/application management cost doesn’t collide with your budget.


Option 1
All your Microsoft engineers can work with settings and workflows in Microsoft 365.
If they have the time, you can save money and avoid everlasting consultancy bills.

Option 2
The Microsoft partner network is one of the biggest IT Partner Network.

You can always ask your local Microsoft Partner to assist you – they are faster and cheaper than a ServiceNow consultant.