ISO27001 SoA software/tool

There is no better place than Microsoft 365 for working with your SoA tool – secure, trusted and governed by your

ISO 27001 Compliance

Digitize your SoA

The SoA helps to demonstrate compliance and serves as a roadmap for your ISO 27001 implementation and improvement.

So, it is not a question about making a SoA – it is a continual process where collaboration and documentation are essential – and therefore, do not make this in Excel – use a tool for it.

What can our SoA tool do for you?

In an ever-changing digital world, cybersecurity and compliance go hand in hand with your company’s digital transformation and IT operation.

Our approach is to link your SoA to master records in your organization and let you collaborate with the people who make/operate/change what you are safeguarding.

In turn, we are bridging core functions in your company with our GRC tool based on Microsoft 365.

SoA integrated into ITSM

With an ISMS/SoA integrated into ITSM (IT Service Management), you can work with systems, software, and processes in operation in your company.

Moving closer to the data source will benefit you with more robust quality and accurate risk assessments.


Organize and collaborate the SoA process

The SoA app runs in your Microsoft Teams environment with the data in your Microsoft tenant.

Secure and 100% fit to standard Microsoft services like SoA reporting in Microsoft Power BI.

Ready-made SoA features for you:

  • Best-practice with deployment with option for enabling your specific data fields
  • Work with task and notes for each control in your SoA
  • Collaborate with email related to the control
  • Link your SoA record/control to infrastructure/CMDB/Service Portfolio in your ITSM solution
  • Embedded SharePoint document folder for each control for documentation purposes
  • Review schedule
  • Ready-made Power BI report


Power BI matrix Controlling IT Documentation
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