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SharePoint as baseline

Intranet and document libraries defined the early days of SharePoint. But, SharePoint has grown and drives business-critical applications for many.


SharePoint is unmatched in the enterprise and mid-segment because it produces business results fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

From a technical standpoint, then SharePoint online is superior compared to older versions of SharePoint. In addition, azure optimization behind SharePoint, seamless integration to the Power Platform, easy upgrade of custom apps, and more is an essential technology.

ITSM360 runs on SharePoint Online

We use the SharePoint list architecture as our primary data repository for ITSM360, and we use the SharePoint developer framework SPFx to develop ITSM360.

In turn, like many other Microsoft partners. But while they are doing all other things with SharePoint, we have our core roots within ITSM.

ITSM360 ready-built app

ITSM360 is a result of our efforts. It combines many years of experience within Microsoft technology and a deep understanding of proven ITSM practices.

As a ready-built SharePoint ITSM app/solution, our primary effort is to fuel bottleneck areas in  SharePoint.

Examples are:

  • Form generator that creates SharePoint items with specific content + logic options/features on the form
  • Web parts for increased usability inside a service desk
  • A robust data model with relations between lists

In conclusion, ITSM360 is a wall-to-wall cutting edge solution for ITSM based on SharePoint and Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do fast by yourself, but we are here for you with a competitive service.

Great examples from ITSM360

but even better if you try yourself

Ticket console

All ticket is stored in SharePoint lists. Hence, you can work with tickets directly in list views. However, we have developed a ticket console that enables you to work fast and efficiently with tickets.

ITSM360 Ticket Console
ITSM360 Ticket Console

ITSM360 Form Manager

We tried with Microsoft Form, but not enough. The ITSM360 Form Manager adds powerful features to SharePoint and ITSM360.

The Form Manager lets you design a Service Request Form (or RFC form) with a logic option, adding a task to the request, etc. But it is also integrated into the CMDB.

In turn, the ability to create a ticket with the right content quickly.

ITSM360 Form Manager
ITSM360 Form Manager

ITSM360 CI/Service dependencies

Services, CIs, Systems, and more are connected in ITSM360. In addition, the dependency data can be used in ticket handling, documentation, and more.


Still interested in our services and ITSM360?

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