Design principle 1

SharePoint-based data and apps

ITSM Based on SPFx and SharePoint list

We use SharePoint as the database and SharePoint apps as the central spine in ITSM360.

Expressed simply, harnessing all the technical capabilities in SharePoint could drive the business objectives for us:

  • Data located in your private Microsoft tenant
  • Complete control of data and data processing
  • AD and Microsoft security governed
  • Non-complicated and standardized administration and customization
  • Ability to add your personal business logic and data types

Technical/conceptual overview

SharePoint List structure in ITSM360 like a SQL database

The magic behind ITSM360 is most probably our SharePoint list structure, where we can use SharePoint as a relational database.

It means that we have +50 million records available for each primary process – like Incident, Asset, etc.

When you deploy the solution into your Microsoft tenant, all the SharePoint lists will be created, including the required columns for your industry.

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ITSM360 list structure

App files

Several app files deliver ITSM360 to your tenant. It is a standardized way of distributing solutions to a Microsoft tenant, and ITSM360 uses the same app catalog and mechanisms as many other business-critical apps in your Microsoft infrastructure.

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App files ITSM360