SharePoint versions

prerequisites for ITSM360

We have worked with SharePoint for many years, and our experience covers all the versions from MOSS/2007 to the latest on-prem version 2019.

However, we have concluded, that SPO – SharePoint Online is the one and the only platform which we will focus on.

The only prerequisites for running ITSM360 is SharePoint Online. All plans are supported.


SharePoint comparision

On-prem vs. Online version of SharePoint


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TCO – total cost of ownership

SharePoint Online plans are included in most of the Office 365 plans. You can also subscribe to SharePoint Online Plan 1 for $ 5.00 user/month.

Links to plans (Microsoft).

Included in the plan you will have a full featured SharePoint – operation included with awesome performance. Having in mind that an in-house on-prem version of SharePoint includes multiple servers for SQL and SP (and in most cases more than one SP server) the price offered by Microsoft is extremely advantageously.

… and Microsoft is doing patch management for you as well.

Conclusion – from a cost standpoint: GO FOR SharePoint Online

Microsoft ROI calculator – online tool for cost estimation (LINK)

Gartner Group report (LINK)

LinkedIn article (LINK)

Application Management (AM) and deploy

ITSM360 is being installed in your own app catalog within your SPO tenant. This works as template files for the actual deploy of ITSM360.

The deploy (and update) of ITSM360 can be carried out without service windows or downtime for your users. This means that you save significant time, you don’t need to back up your solution before doing the update, etc. etc.

Conclusion – from AM and deploy, update standpoint: GO FOR SharePoint Online

Use the App Catalog to make custom business apps available for your SharePoint Online environment (LINK)

Application management and governance in SharePoint (LINK)

Deploying Custom Apps in SharePoint Online (LINK)


Your SPO runs in your own designated tenant. This is a secure way and you can set your own governance (policies, controls and security parameters) and for a majority of companies, the security is higher in SPO compared with what you can do in an on-prem environment.

Conclusion – security standpoint: GO FOR SharePoint Online

Office 365 Security and Compliance (LINK)

How SharePoint Online and OneDrive safeguard your data in the cloud (LINK)


New SPFx features and the road-map for SharePoint is biased towards the cloud. There are strong SPFx features which are available in SPO which is non-compatible to SP-2019 (or SP-2016).

Also – the app source strategy and use of PowerBI, Flow, etc. are possible in SPO only, and the offerings from these sources will increase.

Other examples on features are easy external sharing (can be used for SIAM purposes).

Conclusion – feature standpoint: GO FOR SharePoint Online

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Frequently Asked Questions on SharePoint Framework and modern experiences from SharePoint Engineering (LINK)


Many organizations have experienced performance issues in previous old on-prem versions of SharePoint, which could be difficult to address. As for this, we experienced an unprecedented performance in SharePoint online, and even more, the threshold values for max records/items has been increased.

Conclusion – performance standpoint: GO FOR SharePoint Online

Data location

As for where your data lives, this is a key point in compliance and important. You can select the geographical location of your Office 365 tenant. However, there are a small/medium sized country without a data center – and where we see compliance demands for having data stored inside your own borders.

Conclusion – from a compliance standpoint: SharePoint Online is not the way forward.

Overall conclusion

As for the overall findings, there are significant drivers for moving to SPO. If you still have an on-prem infrastructure, you can start running in a hybrid mode where you SPO and on-prem environment coexists

Pls. do not forget the users and the usability in the on-prem vs. online version of SharePoint discussion. The value in this respect is significantly higher in SPO.

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