Self-Service Portal

Bring your Service Catalog direct to your users

Empower your users to engage with you

ITSM360’s Self-service Portal puts the power of engagement directly into the hands of your employees and customers.

With branding based on your specifications, the Self-service Portal enables your users to easily log & manage their own service requests and access valuable KB articles while lowering your company’s support costs.

Request Management

Full suite of service request management tools for logging, tracking, and learning.

Knowledge base

Search, filter, and share relevant step-by-step knowledgebase support articles.

Unlock Benefits

Speed up the entire request fulfillment process while lowering overall support costs.

Easy Access to Service Requests

Both employees and customers can use the ITSM360 self-service portal to engage directly with your organization’s service request features. From asset requests to employee onboarding, the self-service portal effectively provides an easy-to-access Web interface to your company’s support services.

Submit incident

Submit support incidents with full details, such as category, description, impact, and add relevant attachments.

Enhancement request

Submit suggestions and enhancement requests as well as potential topics for inclusion in the knowledge base.

Asset loan request

Seamless integration with asset database enables users to search for assets and submit borrow requests.

Employee onboarding/exit

Robust employee on & offboarding, with new hire details, selection of services, permissions, assets, and devices.

Access request

Submit access requests for company services and associated permissions with auto-sending of approval request.

View/track cases and assets

View the current status of all outstanding cases (i.e., all requests) as well as display details about current borrowed assets.

Did you know? 

Your asset database can integrate with ITSM360’s self-service portal. This means that users can submit asset borrow requests, log asset-related incident requests, and employers can assign assets to new hires via the self-service portal’s onboarding feature.

Knowledge Base Articles

Intuitive article presentation

Collapsible articles entries organized by service category, type, and modified date. Articles are rich-media based, so can include text, images, and embedded tutorial videos. Content can be easily shared via e-mail with colleagues.

Full searching capability

Search for articles by keyword and filter results by knowledge type (e.g., tutorial, FAQ) and service category (e.g., e-mail, IT security). Results that match criteria are displayed automatically in real time.

Unlock the Benefits of User Empowerment

Faster request fulfillment

Speed up the fulfillment process by capturing highly relevant information directly from your users and integrating automated workflows to handle task assignment and notifications.

Prevent duplicate tickets

Broadcast global announcements  for service disruptions to avoid the hassle of dealing with duplicate tickets. Save time & money while freeing up time for your support teams.

Free up resources

Reduce unstructured e-mails and time-consuming support calls via structured, form-based requests. Auto-route incoming requests to assigned parties to produce efficient service workflows.

Let your users take the wheel

Give your support teams the break they need. The Self-service Portal, from ITSM360, gives your employees and customers all the tools they need to submit tickets and manage their own service requests, effectively lowering your support costs, reducing time-intensive phone calls, and moving away from laboriously bringing order to unstructured email-based requests. Go ahead, let your users take the wheel.