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Around the world, nuclear power plants, financial institutions, and more use ITSM360 because of the robust compliance and security offered by ITSM360.

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ITSM360 Regulatory Compliance GDPR

The tight relationship between the ITSM360 app and Microsoft 365 gives you power and security.

Probably the most secure and compliant ITSM solution.

Regulatory compliance

Probably not the first thing you think of when looking for a new ITSM tool. However, more and more use-cases driven by the ITSM solution are related to human beings.

Even simple HR-related workflows like onboarding employees mean that your ITSM tool could be in scope for regulatory compliance (in the EU, the GDPR-regulation).

Data privacy regulations

To emphasize, you don’t want a non-compliant situation caused by the ITSM solution. Therefore we are offering you the most secure and compliant ITSM solution in the entire ITSM industry.

To explain, ITSM360 on top of your Microsoft cloud enables you to stay compliant with the following regulations:

Global Frameworks

CIS Benchmark
CSA-STAR attestation
CSA-STAR certification
CSA-STAR self-assessment
ISO 20000-1:2011
ISO 22301
ISO 27001
ISO 27017
ISO 27018
ISO 27701
ISO 9001

US Goverment

CNSSI 1253
DoE 10 CFR Part 810
EAR (US Export Adm. Reg.)
FIPS 140-2
IRS 1075
NIST 800-171
Section 508 VPATS

Regional Frameworks

ABS OSPAR (Singapore)
BIR 2012 (Netherlands)
C5 (Germany)
Canadian Privacy Laws
CCPA (US-California)
Cyber Essentials Plus (UK)
IRAP (Australia)
CS Mark Gold (Japan)
DJCP (China)
EN 301 549 (EU)
ENS (Spain)
EU Model Clauses
GB 18030 (China)
G-Cloud (UK)
IDW PS 951 (Germany)
ISMAP (Japan)
ISMS (Korea)
IT-Grundschutz workbook (Germany)
LOPD (Spain)
MeitY (India)
MTCS (Singapore)
My Number (Japan)
NZ CC Framework (New Zealand)
PDPA (Argentina)
Personal Data Localization (Russia)
TRUCS (China)
VCDPA (US-Virgina)

Your ITSM solution must not become the weakest link

Leverage the security provided by Microsoft – in essence, what we do with ITSM360

Is my ITSM solution a potential gateway for intruders?

First of all, your Azure AD controls the security inside ITSM360.

Secondly, the threat investigation and response program from Microsoft 365 is applied to ITSM360.

To sum up, you have complete control and visibility. No other ITSM solution empowers you to stay on top of the security as we do with ITSM360.

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Do automation, run-book, and chatbots introduce new threads?

Be aware of the risk related to 3’rd part automation capabilities. Even prominent ITSM vendors use 3’part components that are non-compliant.

With ITSM360, you use Microsoft Power Automate as a platform for automation. A proven and secure platform that your AD can administrate through tokens and service accounts.

Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform security and governance – read more

Any risk related to real-time collaboration with stakeholders outside IT?

We must recognize that ITSM processes span outside IT – both inside the company and external stakeholders.

The security model is essential when you collaborate in real-time. ITSM360 uses Teams groups/channels and SharePoint permissions.

World-class authentication and control are in place, and you can start real-time collaboration without concerns.

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Easy administration, easy onboarding, easy audit

Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But this is what you get. You are already maintaining your security and governance within the Microsoft cloud.

ITSM360 is just like a Lego brick. It fits directly into your configuration and adapts to your settings and controls.

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