Secure ITSM

The most secure ITSM matched by nobody

  • NApply your Microsoft Security plans to ITSM360
  • NMicrosoft supports compliance frameworks like GDPR, FDA, etc.
  • NSelect your own data center location for processing data

Have you thought about the security of your ITSM system?

Although you might not want to hear it, then security and compliance for your ITSM-solution matter today. Not only permissions inside the tools (roles and responsibilities etc.), but the overall security robustness and ability to meet regulatory compliance are essential.

Why is this important for me?

In light of the continual examples of security breaches, you don’t want your ITSM solution to be the gateway for a cyber attack.

At the same time, we see that regulatory compliance becomes vital as well. Many ITSM-solutions process personal data, and using the ITSM-tool for omnichannel use makes regulatory compliance equally important.

ITSM360 – probably the most secure ITSM-solution

We like to call ITSM360 for the most secure ITSM-solution in the ITSM-industry. As a matter of fact, then Microsoft’s significant investment in security benefits ITSM360. With this in mind, think about all the derivative effects this will give you.

  • Is a part of your AD and security groups from AD is being supported
  • Uses tenant and farm security settings
  • Supports Microsoft Cloud App Security plans

Reduce the burden and increase security

To point out, then a reduction in data siloes and data systems at the same time gives a reduction in your security work.

It is also important to realize that Microsoft offers a security and compliance level unmatched in the ITSM-industry, which benefits ITSM360 and makes it easy to administrate at all times.

Regulatory compliance

GDPR compliant and …

In summary, from a compliance standpoint then Microsoft 365 complies with all major frameworks, including but not limited to:

  • CSA STAR attestation
  • CAS STAR Certification
  • EU Model Clauses (GDPR)
  • ISO 9001
  • ICO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 Reports
  • SOC 3
  • UK G-Cloud

Visit all the Microsoft compliance offerings here ->

Fighting the siloes

Data/system fragmentation leads to real business risk, and a powerful argument for choice ITSM360 is the consolidation it will give you.

As for today, then Microsoft SharePoint is one of the top business collaboration resources today, and business executives like the platform because it:

  • Provide a simple, familiar & consistent user experience
  • Simplify e everyday business activités and workflows
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Effectively manage and repurpose content
  • Simplify access to business data
  • Connect employees with information and expertise
  • Accelerate shared business processes
  • Share without divulging sensitive information
  • Enable employees to make better-informed decisions
  • Provide a single integrated platform

In conclusion

With ITSM360, high security doesn’t collide with your budget. Read more about the business case here.

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