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From Denmark to the World

Here at ITSM Company, we have a passion for efficiency. We truly want to help companies realize their full potential in the field of Service Management.

At the heart of ITSM is another acronym: ITIL — Information Technology Infrastructure Library, the original framework used in the delivery of IT services. When starting our company, we decided to combine the structural foundation of ITIL with the modern needs of IT Service Management.

The result is ITSM360. A user-focused solution that offers comprehensive service management functionality while leveraging the business benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem. We strive to remain at the forefront of IT Service Management trends as well as the latest changes & offerings in the Microsoft universe.

We look forward to helping your company transform its service management capabilities and realize true efficiency.

Proven Results

Driving innovation with real-world experience

Building on an ITIL foundation

The main architects of ITSM360 have worked with IT Service Management for many years and our experience with ITIL goes back to 2002. Though ITIL provides the best possible structural framework, the needs of modern enterprises have evolved over time. Our challenge is to align ITSM360 with these modern requirements without losing sight of our ITIL history.

As for experience with Microsoft, we have worked with SharePoint technology since the 2007 version and have continued to focus on developing ITSM360 to seamlessly integrate with all versions.

Today, all of our efforts are aimed at the cloud and supporting ITSM360’s usage across all Microsoft components, from Azure to the new Power Platform.

ITSM360 powers clients across multiple continents, including Europe, North America (US and Canada), Australia, Africa, and South America (Colombia and Peru).

We wake up every morning thinking about how we can make life better for fellow ITSM and Microsoft professionals.

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Partner, ITSM Company

A Word from the Management Team

Experience ITSM360 as a customer, partner, or employee

ITSM360 has grown into a mature and robust ITSM solution based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. This is because, at our core, we are a company for ITSM & Microsoft professionals (from the tech side to business leaders).

We take great care to follow what Microsoft is doing every day and determine how this can improve efficiency in an ITSM context. We realize that Microsoft brings advanced technology to this sector and it’s our responsibility to leverage those capabilities so that our ITSM360 customers can benefit to the greatest degree.

This passion has evolved into a vibrant community with our clients—we call it a Partnership—which inspire us every single day.

As a potential client, we will welcome you to our community.

Interested in Partnership?

Interested in a Career?

Are you a Microsoft Partner or perhaps a passionate ITSM geek? Then please do not hesitate to contact me.

We have potential clients around the world who ask for you. We have started the first efforts into a real partner program, and we can promise you our full support.

ITSM Company is a special place to work. We are bound together by our core values and high level of professionalism. We truly seek to implement change — we want to re-invent ITSM tooling and create customer passion.

We welcome talented employees at our offices in Denmark, Hyderabad, Vilnius, or potentially as a remote worker.

Interested? Let’s have a chat.