Microsoft Ecosystem

Big is Beautiful

In a highly competitive environment, having the biggest kid on the block on your side has its advantages. 

In the world of service management, opportunities abound to use technology to provide value to your employees and customers. From AI-driven help desk chatbots to robust self-service portals, the ability to spur growth from added value is what sets your business apart from the masses.

If your company is incurring heavy costs due to customizations and workarounds—or if you simply want to compete at a higher level—then let the biggest kid on the block back you up.

ITSM360 + the Microsoft ecosystem. Come check it out.

No More Data Silos

Don’t waste money on development. Leverage your existing Microsoft infrastructure to get up & running quickly.

Innovation On-demand

Capitalize on the latest AI, analytics, and automation tech to transform your service management capabilities.


Slash training and onboarding costs by using a platform that is already being used by the majority of US companies.

No More Data Silos

Why re-invent the wheel?

With 80% of Fortune 500 companies already using Microsoft SharePoint, why rely on an additional data silo when you can simply leverage your existing infrastructure?

ITSM360 integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and all Microsoft components. This gives you the freedom to slash onboarding & training costs, get your employees up and running quickly with a globally-proven Service Management solution, and expand your ITSM capabilities by capitalizing on Microsoft technology.

Losing control of your tickets?

Incident Management platforms often start with the best intentions, but quickly lose steam when companies try to customize them according to preferred workflows, ticket handling, and automation. 

ITSM360 has avoided this dilemma by aligning itself fully with the Microsoft ecosystem. Our solution can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

With a family of Microsoft components at your disposal, you are free to build out workflows (Power Automate), craft your own reports (Power BI), integrate help desk chatbots (Bot Framework), or simply use ITSM360 out-of-the-box! The choice is yours.

Innovation on-demand

The future is bright.
Why not be a part of it?

Chatbots, the Cloud, and AI are just the beginning

Microsoft is spending billions of dollars on Research & Development… finding ways to push technology to its limits. The end result, for both consumers and developers, are solutions that make people’s lives better — to connect, engage, and empower.

Using a Microsoft-friendly solution like ITSM360 means that your business can leverage new technology to scale capabilities over time. Exciting developments are underway that capitalize on this technology, with the intent to align business process management solutions with the boots on-the-ground reality of business operations.

ITSM360, in partnership with Microsoft, looks forward to being a part of this growth.

Asset management, the SharePoint way

Service Management Made Easy

Here at ITSM Company, we are focused on helping companies get up and running quickly. Our solution—like a jigsaw piece—is designed to fit neatly into your existing Microsoft infrastructure. Implementation is a breeze, with deployment of ITSM360 to your Microsoft tenant taking as little as 4 hours. And there’s no need for employees to learn an entirely new solution with different functionality. With ITSM360, your employees can focus on being productive from Day One.

All the Apps you Love

ITSM360 is fully integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem. This enables companies to easily expand service management capabilities (e.g., use PowerApps to build custom apps or Power Automate to craft internal ticket workflows). Meanwhile, end-users can collaborate on tickets and switch between familiar MS apps as needed.

Familiar SharePoint Actions

ITSM360 uses SharePoint’s list-based approach to full effect, with access to a variety of familiar actions (e.g., open, edit, share, etc.) as well as bulk action capabilities (e.g., delete, reassign, etc.). ITSM360’s functionality and user experience is fully consistent with the Microsoft aesthetics and UI, negating the need to re-train or spend excessive time & money on new employee onboarding.

Critical at-a-glance Data

ITSM360 presents actionable features within the its SharePoint-based tabular panels, such as current risk levels, status, estimated work progress bars, dependency charts, documentation links, QR codes, and asset configurations. Our design philosophy is based on providing companies with the building blocks needed to convey relevant information—whether simple or complex—when needed.