ITSM360-MSP for IT Service Provider Needs

ITSM360: #1 Microsoft ITSM


The Managed Service Provider – MSP software allows you to streamline your operations, enabling you to operate like a business and have secure, real-time collaborations with customers through Azure B2B AD authentication.

You can use ready-made data models and process templates to support your accounts and customers. The time registration feature helps you keep track of the time spent on tasks easily.

You can also choose to interact with customers through a SharePoint self-service portal powered by Power Virtual Agent, email, or direct Teams chat. With Contract Management that links SLA, Data Processing Agreements, and commercial contracts to accounts, you can manage your business’s services efficiently.

Take your IT services to the next level and become a tech Service Provider today with ITSM360’s Managed Services.

  • Ready-made data model and process templates for supporting accounts/customers
  • Secure real-time collaboration possible with Azure B2B AD authentication
  • Time registration
  • SharePoint self-service portal or Power Virtual Agent for customer interaction (+ email/direct Teams chat)
  • Contract Management (SLA, Data Processing Agreements, and commercial contracts) linked to accounts

If you’re looking to explore the Managed Service Provider Features provided by ITSM360, a brief 8 minute introduction is available. Alternatively, book an appointment with us and discuss this further in person! Seeing really is believing – let’s make it happen!.

Senior Architect/Partner

Enhance your MSP business with robust ITSM and GRC tooling using the powerful Microsoft stack

Your organization already benefits from Microsoft Cloud and technology solutions, yet there’s more to gain.

You can capitalize on economies of scale for maximum efficiency without straining staff or resources through a unified IT Management software platform based on your existing technologies.


Managed Service Provider Features

Service Desk for Managed Service Providers

Are you tired of struggling to keep your service desk organized and running smoothly? Then, look no further than ITSM360-MSP, the perfect solution for businesses utilizing Microsoft Teams.

With its easy-to-use app, simply add it to any channel and customize it to fit your team’s needs.

Gone are the days of relying on cumbersome manual processes, as ITSM360-MSP provides adaptive services for incident management, service request fulfillment, and beyond. 

Don’t wait any longer to streamline your service desk operations–take advantage of the dynamic capabilities of ITSM360-MSP today!


  • Adaptive feature – settings for working with all ticket types, or only specific processes
  • Time registration
  • Link customers, services, assets, and CIs to the ticket
  • Start a direct Teams chat to users from the ticket, and store all relevant communication inside the ticket
Incident Management for Service Providers

As a Service Provider, nothing is more important than keeping your customers happy.

And one of the key ways to ensure that is by efficiently handling any incidents that pop up. Luckily, with most customers working within Microsoft Teams, you have a direct line to them via the Teams chat feature.

This means you can communicate with them quickly, easily, and straight from the ticket level, allowing for ready collaboration with the requestor. 

By staying on top of your incident management and leveraging the power of Teams, you can keep your customers thrilled with your service.


  • Link the incident to services and CIs
  • Problem Management or Change Management escalation features
  • Communication
  • Time registration
  • Link incident to customer
  • See requester history from ticket level
  • Access to relevant knowledge from the agent
Problem Management

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the Importance of Problem Management cannot be understated.

ITSM360 offers a robust solution in the form of Problem Management that is specifically designed for the MSP version. With this feature, you can effortlessly manage all the problems related to your customers, helping you avoid new incidents and minimize recurring issues.

Problem Management is a skill that requires finesse, and ITSM360 makes it possible to master this discipline with ease. Whether you are an MSP or running a small business, ITSM360’s Problem Management feature is essential for ensuring your operations run smoothly.


  • Support of multiple problem processes
  • Email features – write to and from a problem registration
  • Time registration
  • Escalation to Change Management
  • See linked incidents to the problem log
Change Management/Enablement

As the need for digital transformation becomes increasingly vital to businesses, IT service providing has become a permanent fixture in the industry’s roster of services.

In addition, ensuring that all configuration items (CIs) are updated and patched to their latest versions is necessary for the smooth operation of any IT system.

To add to the challenge, customers always demand new digital services, leaving little room for error.

Fortunately, ITSM360-MSP provides a comprehensive change enablement system that caters to all managed service providers (MSPs).

With its many useful features and benefits, ITSM360-MSP helps MSPs easily control and manage changes.


  • Linkage to tickets and problems from change
  • Time registration
  • Document Management features for changes
  • Communication features, including email to and from change records
  • Support of multiple change models and processes
Configuration Management

As any business owner knows, it’s essential to keep your customers happy.

One way to do this is to reduce errors and downtime. That’s where excellent Configuration Management comes in.

With ITSM360-MSP, you can ensure that all configurations are tracked, preventing issues before they happen. Even better, you can link configurations to tickets, changes, and problems.

This means that if a customer does encounter an issue, resolving it will be fast and efficient. So keep your customers happy with reliable Configuration Management from ITSM360-MSP.


  • Add stakeholders to services
  • Add metadata/attributes to services and CI
  • SharePoint document library feature for services and CI
  • CI and Asset classes (Class Management)
  • Link knowledge and errors to services and CI
  • Service/CI dependency model/link
  • JSON data model for linking 1:N data streams from SCCM or other sources to CIs
Service Catalog & Service Portfolio Management

Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your Service Portfolio? Look no further than ITSM360.

With this powerful tool, you can define and manage your entire Service Portfolio, and seamlessly link Services to your customers.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, ITSM360 offers flexibility and customization to meet your unique needs.

Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to a streamlined, efficient way of managing your Service Portfolio.

Join the many satisfied customers who have already made the switch to ITSM360.


  • Define system services
  • Define and create orderable services (including service request form)
  • Link SLA to service and SLA priorities
  • Support of automation (execute request from Power Automate)
Contract and Customer Management

In the world of IT service management, the ability to effectively work with customers and contracts is crucial for success.

That’s why ITSM360-MSP puts a central focus on this aspect of the business. With this platform, you’ll be able to easily manage your contracts, track customer interactions, and stay on top of all your customer-related tasks.

ITSM360-MSP empowers you to be proactive in your approach to customer service, making it easier to identify and address issues before they become major problems.

Whether you’re new to ITSM or you’re a seasoned pro, ITSM360-MSP has everything you need to take your customer service to the next level.


  • Customer module with the ability to store customers and contact information
  • Contract Management module linked to customers
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