Hassle-free low-code ITSM automation with Power Automate

ITSM360: #1 Microsoft ITSM

Optimized for Power Automate

ITSM360 is designed with a data model that is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Power Platform. This means that automation capabilities in ITSM360 are exceptional when using Power Automate.


Automation examples:

Service Request

Automation of trivial and routine manual work processes and tasks

Ticket Automation

Ticket reassign, special communication, escalate or similar based on special criteria

CMDB/CMD Automation

Use conditions to start the automation, such as an update of responsibility – or CMDB population.


Approval workflows for the request of access, procurement, or similar cases.

See how we leverage Power Automate for different ITSM automation. In this example, a standard Service Request like “new cell phone number” automates the process of updating the number in AD.

ITSM360 selfservice in Teams GIF