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ITSM Automation with Microsoft Power Automate



Power up your ticketing by setting up automation ahead of time

ITSM360 and Power Automate

Hasslefree low-code ITSM automation with Power Automate

The data model in ITSM360 is optimized for Microsoft Power Platform compatibility. Hence, automation capabilities are excellent in ITSN360 through Power Automate.

ITSM Automation for people

Depending on our customer’s maturity and needs, we see many different types of automation. The common goal for them are:

  • Saving valuable time by introducing automation 
  • Need for higher quality and uniforming of the process execution.

See how we leverage Power Automate for different ITSM automation. In this example, a standard Service Request like “new cell phone number” automates the process of updating the number in AD.

What can I automate?

Examples of typical automation


Service Request

Automation of trivial and routine manual work processes and tasks



Ticket reassign, special communication, escalate or similar based on special criteria



Use conditions to start the automation, such as an update of responsibility – or CMDB population.


Workflow & Approvals

Approval workflows for the request of access, procurement, or similar cases.