World-class engineering

ITSM360 is a well-thought-out and robust solution

But seeing is believing so…


Linking ITSM and Microsoft 365

Today, Microsoft 365 solutions power tons of business-critical workflows.

ITSM360 builds upon the same app principles – but now for powering ITIL processes.

We are good at connecting Microsoft technology to known ITSM frameworks (primarily based on ITIL).

We have chosen to use Microsoft 365 as the platform.

This platform is recognized for stability, scalability, and openness for developers.

Actually, we don’t do anything new. Microsoft partners across the world are already building business-critical apps for this platform.

ITSM360 Ticket Console

Introduction to our design

The spine of ITSM360 is Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

Both cloud technologies are proven and have gained significant recognition – inside and outside the IT department.


  • Authentication and permissions managed by Azure
  • Capacity (30 million records in a single list)
  • Features like version history on record level
  • Development in SPFx framework -> more
  • Apps and app catalogs -> more
  • Connects to Power Platform -> more
  • Connects to Graph API -> more



What do I get?

As a ready-made app for Microsoft 365, all the ITSM360 features are inside a few app files.

After uploading the app files into your tenant, you are ready to deploy.

Simple and easy.



The data model in ITSM360 has been thoroughly tested and optimized for ITSM processes.

Thus, many SharePoint lists are used in our database model that allows you to integrate your ITSM data streams into the Power Platform.

Furthermore, our performance in ITSM360 is secured by our robust data model and use of web parts and console apps.

Your data is, of course, stored in your own Microsoft SharePoint tenant!

Web parts

Web parts are used in the ITSM360 app for optimizing unique use-cases related to ITSM processes.

Web part examples could be CI relationships, where the web part is optimized to create dependencies between CIs and services quickly.