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We are all operating in a rapidly changing landscape. As IT professionals, then our primary objectives must be the ability to adapt to changes quickly.


Yes, we all agree to this, but how?

We believe running most business-critical apps in ecosystems like the Microsoft cloud, AWS, or perhaps Google Cloud Platform will help you respond fast and effectively to the everlasting shifts.



In our case, as ITSM practitioners and Microsoft geeks, then we enjoy all the smart services that are part of the Microsoft ecosystem. These services are innovative, but they are also intelligent (AI) and very secure at the same time.

The vision behind ITSM360

The vision with ITSM360 is to use well-proven components from Microsoft for shaping a modern ITSM solution.

In short, Azure AD delivers security and authentication. SharePoint gives you “free” storage in terms of lists and features in SharePoint like version history, etc. Teams are used for collaboration, and we could continue.

In other words, we are like kids playing with Lego bricks. We put them together, and they fit 100% together, and when we are missing a brick, then we build with the use of:

  • SPFx – development framework from Microsoft for Teams and SharePoint – link
  • Graph API or SharePoint REST API – link

Simply stated, technologies that are proven, well recognized, and globally supported by Microsoft and the network of Microsoft partners.

Your context

Because we all have different roles, you can find ITSM360 solution information tailored to your position.

Expressed simply, our SharePoint design provides the difference. SharePoint is the backbone of the ITSM360 solution, and the arguments for this are:


  • SharePoint is included in almost all Microsoft 365 plans (=you get it for free)
  • High capacity in SharePoint lists
  • Support custom apps made in the SPFx framework
  • Strong governance and security
  • Plenty of strong out of the box features

As a manager inside IT, then the aspect of operational efficiency matters.

Obviously, metrics like flow/line efficiency, operational productivity, overhead cost, change/release success rate, and return on investment are at the forefront for you.

See how ITSM360 supports you as a manager and why you consider going in our direction.

ITSM360 is a ready-built ITSM-solution for Microsoft Office 365

You deploy ITSM360 in your Microsoft tenant

Get full control & 100% strategy alignment


SharePoint as the backbone for ITSM360

Expressed simply, our SharePoint design provides the difference. SharePoint is the backbone of the ITSM360 solution, and the arguments for this are:

  • SharePoint is included in almost all Microsoft 365 plans
  • High capacity in SharePoint lists
  • Support custom apps made in the SPFx framework
  • Strong governance and security
  • Plenty of strong out of the box features

Despite all the good features in SharePoint, it is impossible to make an ITSM-solution in SharePoint without adding code/web parts.

In ITSM360, you will find the following components:

  • User interface – called console’s – for optimized usability and performance
  • Web parts for adding features
  • Event receivers/timer jobs for the execution of sending emails etc.
  • SharePoint SPFx columns

ITSM360 will also create the data model during deployment – several lists/columns as well as views.

As an architect, you will probably like to know (or just from a technical standpoint)

You deploy ITSM360 in your Microsoft tenant. The deployment practice is like all other SharePoint/Teams app, and the steps are:

  1. Upload our ITSM360 app files to your app catalog (tenant app or site collection app)
  2. Create a SharePoint site as the master site (Teams or Communication site)
  3. Add the app files to the master site
  4. Execute the app files that will deploy the solution

Next, you can start the final configuration of ITSM360.

All your data from ITSM360 is stored in SharePoint lists. The lists are divided into “configuration lists” and “data lists”.

You can configure the ITSM360 solution using standard list operations in SharePoint. For example, you can add new columns (fields), create new views, etc.

There are no restrictions built into the solution. ITSM360 work seamlessly with the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Workflow and automation -> use Power Automate
  • Reports and dashboards -> use Power BI
  • New business cases -> use standard SharePoint options or Power APP
  • Permissions -> use standard AD and Microsoft 365 groups
  • Authentication -> uses AD (and if relevant Azure B2B AD or Azure B2C AD)

Upgrades are easy, and you can control them by yourself.

In order to upgrade, you download the newest app files from the support site and uploads them to your app catalog.

For the purpose of the upgrade, you simply run an upgrade action for the upgrades that you want to use.

Your existing settings, data, and layouts will not be changed during the upgrade.

Save more work hours with ITSM360

Leverage your existing Microsoft knowledge


The ITSM360 business case

You probably have done much research, considerations, and not least calculations.  And picking up the proper ITSM tooling is essential for you.

The reason for being here is most probably that we stand out from the crowd. We are a handful of players in the ITSM industry that are working with Microsoft’s core technology as a baseline.

Likewise, our fellow Microsoft-oriented competitors, then we believe in consolidation. This consolidation reduces data silos, and it provides economies of scale.

In all modesty, we believe we deliver the best ITSM overall package. And in this section, we elaborate on this point of view.

In order to get the business case right, then as CIO/Manager, these aspects are essential for you.

ITSM360 delivers on the following criteria:

  1. Features – according to ITIL practices
  2. User friendly – designed by Microsoft UI Framework
  3. Pricing – competitive subscription model
  4. Support – a part of a global ecosystem
  5. Technology – compatibility to Microsoft 365

The ITSM360 solution is target to medium to high ITSM complexity use-cases/demands.

The ITSM360 solution is based on a monthly subscription. But, of course, the subscription model is fair and square, and you only need to buy a subscription for your internal IT team.

In conclusion, you don’t need subscriptions for:

  • End-users
  • Approvers or process fulfillers outside IT
  • External partners that you are collaborating with

The standard subscription period is 36 months. It is billed yearly, and yes, we are ready to change both up and down if your needs change.

Rather than entering long-lasting consultancy contracts for ITSM implementation, our standpoint is simple.

Your Microsoft-trained staff can do the implementation. Despite this, you could consider working with an ITSM360 partner, ITSM Company, or even Microsoft services if you are out of capacity.

Ultimately, you have a range of options.

Our services

  • Fixed fast-track implementation
  • Ad-hoc assistance
  • Individual scope of work according to your requirements

In view of security and compliance, ITSM360 ranks as one of the industry’s most secure and compliant ITSM360 solutions.

Because the app and data are placed in your governed Microsoft tenant, then you have complete control.

Microsoft has a bold plan within cyber security. Alongside this, compliance to all major frameworks like GDPR, FDA, etc., is in place.

In turn, ITSM360 fits into your Microsoft security/governance plan. A substantial value for you because ITSM solutions are in regulatory compliance scope for many.