We embrace the new cloud technology from Microsoft

We leverage the new technology for IT process optimization!


ITSM360 technology

The Microsoft 365 or Office 365 ecosystem of applications makes it easy to integrate your existing technology with the stack, switch between apps, create a combined experience, and bring your workplace on the go with mobile features.

Connectivity across the entire suite can help enhance your employee experience and much more.

Our contribution and value add to the ITSM-landscape is the coupling to the Microsoft ecosystem.

To point out, using a real collaboration platform as SharePoint for ITSM-orchestration gives our customers total value and happy times.

As shown above, then we are true believers in the cloud technology stack, and our objectives on the page is a small introduction to how we use the technology.

SharePoint as baseline for ITSM360

We use SharePoint as a baseline (=platform) for ITSM360. From a design standpoint, you find all the vital components for making a business app like authentication, search, and much more.

It is also important to realize that the SPFx (SharePoint Development Framework) makes it possible for developers worldwide to make business apps.

In the light of this, ITSM360 exists as a SharePoint hosted app.

Learn more – the ITSM360 Business Case

Inside ITSM360

What do you get with ITSM360?

A robust SharePoint app with this base architecture

  • Master SharePoint list for main processes like Changes, Problems, etc.
  • SharePoint Document libraries for storing various kind of IT-documentation
  • SharePoint Support list for controlling the app and flow in the application (parameters and settings)
  • A library of web-parts for optimized ITSM-process (filling the gap between ITIL and core standard SharePoint)
  • Best-practice content and pre-defined templates and views (fast-track implementation)
  • Self-service portals out-of-the-box (SharePoint subsites)

At the same time, the design of the “package” allows you to

  • Create your own “client-specific” list, columns (attributes)
  • Build your logic in terms of workflows, use low-code features (Power Automate, etc.)
  • Break the standard permissions for advanced business requirements

To summarize, you have a platform that you adapt to your needs fast and with the use of standard Microsoft methods.

Strong deployment at update options

The ITSM360 app, hosted in your Microsoft tenant, gives you what you need

  • Use of tenant app catalog or site collection app catalog
  • Feature update when new releases are available
  • App files can power several independent sites for omnichannel use

Data processing

All data processing in your designated tenant

  • The ITSM360 app uses event-receiver technology (see link) without moving any data outside your tenant
  • Email – standard SMTP is your own Microsoft SMTP server in M365