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Replacement of Service Manager

“Our starting point was an outdated Service Manager installation from Microsoft and a clear Microsoft 365 and Azure IT strategy.

Establishing an up-to-date solution based on our strategy was the objective. In this case, we evaluated ITSM360 as the right candidate and implemented it in 2020.”

Compliance, flexibility, and strategy alignment

In order to balance compliance and flexibility alongside my IT-strategy, our ITSM platform became a bottleneck for us. With the decreasing focus on the Service Manager from Microsoft, a replacement was inevitable.

Despite the large field of ITSM tools, our objective was to embrace our JSOX (+internal) compliance demands, our need for a modern ITSM solution that can resist our high-velocity process and service changes. Besides, it also had to be strategically aligned to our Microsoft Azure and 365 investment.

In this case, ITSM360 was the right way for us.


Based on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, meant that our standard Microsoft Partner was able to support us and drive the implementation. However, we decided to use remote services from ITSM COMPANY to implement the solution due to the global COVID situation.

As for today, then we are fully implemented and runs the basic ITIL practices with ITSM360. We were happy with the implementation project and the tool. Next will be a more advanced use of the tooling options such as automation, project management, and establishing better IT-documentation, which is vital in our audits and quality efforts.

Tap Helmet

Marc Hoogerwerf

ICT Architect

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG says;

“ITSM360 is a cost effective and easy to use IT service management solution. It also fits very well in an Office365 and Azure environment”

When Carolina Biological Supply (CBS)

Fevzi Yalin

Lead Project Manager

Carolina Biological Company

Carolina Biological Supply Company
North Carolina, USA


We enjoyed meeting Rob Nixon and Fevzi Yallin from Carolina Biological Supply Company (CBS) in Copenhagen for a meeting in 2020.

ITIL implementation

Rob and Fevzi explain their baseline situation and outcome with ITSM360:

  • Service request and incident management procedures were reactive, manual, and cumbersome
  • No service management methodology was in use
  • End users had no visibility into the progress of their requests
  • Management reporting was almost nonexistent
  • Lack of workload balancing among assignees

Then came ITSM360

  • Service request, incident, problem, change, and project management processes & procedures optimized and automated
  • Automated non-production supply ordering via Web Shop
  • Preventive maintenance work order generation automated
  • End users enabled via self-service portal to request and track their requests
  • Management has more visibility into operational activities via dashboards

When CBS started their search for service desk software, they were not ITIL methodology aligned. A survey conducted for IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions in the North American market identified ITSM360 as the strongest based on price, its ITIL alignment running on the SharePoint platform. One of the significant selling-point was its integration with a native project management module, which is preferred over Microsoft Project due to being less complicated and more user friendly. ITSM360 integrated easier across the organization, leveraging capabilities provided by Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Active Directory.

CBS has deployed three inter-connected service desks to optimize and automate its IT, Purchasing (Supply Chain Management), and Maintenance (Engineering) departments. These deployments drastically changed all department’s service management activities to the point of operating paperless, resulting in digital transformation.

Fevzi Yalin, Lead Project Manager at CBS, says:

“We deployed ITSM360 when it was an on-premise solution. Now that we switched to its SharePoint Online version, we no longer need to be concerned about maintaining and hosting on a SharePoint server farm.

Microsoft’s continuous development of the SharePoint Online platform ensures that we immediately benefit from it as it matures and new features are available, which makes it very competitive compared to non-Office 365 based solutions – a perfect marriage.

A customized system, smooth implementation, and continuous development has also led to high value and benefits to cost ratio – not to forget the unique personalized support extended throughout by the ITSM Company”