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ITSM360: The Ultimate Microsoft ITSM Solution

It runs directly in your Microsoft tenant

ITSM360 stands out among ITSM tools by harnessing the full potential of the Microsoft 365 universe.

Our ITSM tooling approach gives world-class:

  • Adoption and onboarding by introducing familiar technology like Teams and Office-style (Fluent UI)
  • IT security and regulatory compliance
  • Reports and BI fueled by Power BI
  • Workflows fueled by Power Automate
  • Economics of scale
ITSM360 Microsoft ecosystem

Our goal is to achieve recognition, not to create a revolution

And that’s why we are dedicated to the Microsoft tech stack + ITIL


ITIL 4 aligned solution

Our best-practice deployment is based on ITIL 4, which is the most widely used and trusted IT service management reference framework.

While we explore other options like FitSM, ITIL 4 remains our primary reference for ensuring efficient and effective IT service management.

About ITIL ->


Microsoft 365 Solution

With its exceptional development options and a robust worldwide partner network, this is a platform you can truly trust.

This platform is perfect for business-critical apps – like ITSM – and a real M365 app simultaneously handles big data and collaboration.

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Microsoft Fluent UI inside

It is important to keep in mind that accessing the IT self-service is not a regular task for your users. The user experience should be effortless, and this can be achieved through familiarity.

Whether you work in IT or business, Fluent UI ensures adoption by enhancing recognizability.

Microsoft Fluent UI ->



Collaborative Teams ITSM apps

We bring you collaborative Teams-based ITSM apps, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

Teams are recognized for versability and cross-device support that will power even the most mobile ITSM user.

It’s all about Teamwork!


Safeguarding your ITSM data

The continuously expanding landscape of regulatory frameworks, including NIS 2, GDPR, ISO27K, FDA, and NIST, directly responds to the unprecedented rise in cyber attacks.

Your ITSM system must withstand and comply with this, which is precisely why your ITSM data is best secured with Microsoft.

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Discover the contents of ITSM360

ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams
Ready-made ITSM solution for Microsoft 365

ITSM360 offers an out-of-the-box solution that delivers tangible results from day one.

Our versatile ITSM solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs and workflows of our clients.

Experience the benefits of ITSM360 without the hassle of customized development.

What's inside ITSM360

Our strong ITSM concept is a pure Microsoft-driven and governed ITSM solution, where you get the following:

  • Front-end ticket apps for Microsoft Teams or/and SharePoint
  • SPFx web parts for SharePoint optimized for ITSM and GRC use-cases
  • Data hosted/driven from SharePoint, where the default deployment automatically creates the SharePoint list structure
  • Automated upgrade mechanism where new app files and features are pushed to your Microsoft tenant
  • Ready-made IT self-service portal for Teams and/or SharePoint
App driven structure

SharePoint serves as an extensive data storage platform that comes bundled with all professional Microsoft subscriptions.

However, vital IT service management practices are not handled within SharePoint itself. These practices are instead carried out via specialized ITSM applications, designed for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint execution.

Unparalleled database design

Our innovative approach utilizes SharePoint as a SQL database with pointer tables to efficiently link items across different tables.

Additionally, we employ native JSON data objects within SharePoint lists/columns to seamlessly integrate with various systems that utilize JSON as their primary data format.

Trust in the reliability and agility of ITSM360 to revolutionize your IT service management.

Technical deployment in your Microsoft tenant

ITSM360 runs in your Microsoft tenant. The deployment process is like all other Microsoft 365 apps/solutions.

  1. Set app permissions in your Azure AD (app registrations)
  2. Upload the app files to your own governed app catalog in Microsoft 365 (SharePoint and Teams apps)
  3. Create an empty SharePoint site
  4. Upload the app and execute the installation job
  5. Configure the app to read/write data to the SharePoint database

Then, you are ready to go.

10 good reasons for storing data in SharePoint

The value SharePoint brings to the table are:

  1. Plenty of storage
  2. High availability
  3. External sharing/collaboration governed by your AD
  4. Seamless connection to Power Autoamte (+Power Platform in general) and wide availability of Power Automate triggers for SharePoint data that can be used for process design/execution – including AI.
  5. Feature-rich (inbuild) like version history, search, notification, build private views, and much more
  6. Authentication by Azure AD
  7. Data permission model
  8. Security and compliance – connects to Microsoft Data Retention, Records Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), eDiscovery + additional security plans offered by Microsoft.
  9. Wide selection of Graph APIs for SharePoint
  10. SPFx developer framework – SharePoint Developer Framework

So, above, we have listed ten good reasons for using the platform, but we missed the important fact that it is included in your Microsoft subscription/cost.

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Unlock advanced IT Management and Governance with ITSM360

Going advanced with ITSM360

ITSM360 is more than just an IT ticketing tool – it’s a comprehensive workbench and knowledge-sharing platform designed to empower the entire IT department.

With ITSM360, we want to provide a holistic solution that streamlines workflows and promotes collaboration, making it easier for IT teams to work together towards shared goals.

Our ambition with this platform is to provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources that help IT departments manage their day-to-day operations, troubleshoot issues, and improve overall performance.

And while ITSM360 was originally designed for IT teams, its versatility means that it can also power ESM processes for many of our customers, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their service management operations.

ESM (Enterprise Service Management)

The ITSM360 architecture and apps are built specifically to cater Enterprise Service Management use cases.

With ITSM360, businesses can streamline their service delivery and support processes while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 

The ESM use cases of ITSM360 are endless, and it’s an ideal investment for companies that want to take a step towards a more agile and efficient operation.


  • Payroll (case management in case of wrong salary/request from employees)
  • Founds applications
  • Engineering and scheduled maintenance
  • HR cases
  • Facility Management tickets
Stakholder and IT contract management

In a professional service organization that relies heavily on multiple cloud services and external suppliers, keeping track of different stakeholders and contracts is a critical aspect of operations.

Fortunately, ITSM360 offers a powerful contract module that allows you to easily relate contracts to the services and configuration items they pertain to, while also enabling you to manage your touchpoints with the relevant stakeholders using their stakeholder module. With the added ability to link suppliers to specific services, ITSM360 takes the complexity out of contract and stakeholder management, providing organizations with a streamlined, efficient way of keeping track of critical information that can help them optimize their operations.

IT Project Management inside ITSM360

IT projects often require careful planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure they remain on track and deliver the desired outcomes. To help IT professionals streamline their operations, the IT Project Management Module has been added to the ITSM360 suite.

This new addition leverages advanced project management practices to help IT teams plan, track, and manage their projects seamlessly.

With a range of features and functionalities such as task assignments, scheduling, and reporting, IT professionals can now manage their projects more streamlined and coordinated, resulting in better outcomes, cost savings, and improved productivity.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to manage your IT projects, the ITSM360 suite with the IT Project Management Module is an essential tool for your arsenal.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

In today’s fast-paced digital world, IT governance has become more critical than ever. With risks and regulations continually emerging, having a professional approach to governance is essential for businesses to operate efficiently and minimize any potential setbacks.

What many forget is that governance is closely tied to the service landscape, assets, and CI, making it an integral part of everyday work. An ideal way to integrate governance into your core business data is to combine it with your IT service management (ITSM) solution.

This approach breaks down silos, allowing businesses to stay compliant and reduce any limitations on their operation.

The GRC module, provided on top of ITSM360, offers all these benefits and more, giving companies a comprehensive solution to meet their governance needs.

GRC360 Introduction ->

Unlock advanced IT Management and Governance with ITSM360

IT documentation matrix in Power BI – get an IT documentation dashboard