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Microsoft ITSM · Introduction to ITSM360

ITSM platform powered by a giant

We’re bridging proven ITSM practices to Microsoft 365 so you can get the most of your Microsoft experience.

You’re in good hands. With a ready-made ITSM solution on top of Microsoft, you’ll be able to extend your IT services further.


  • Recognized technology
  • Award-winning security & regulatory compliance
  • Innovative technology
  • Award-winning low-code tool -> Power Automate
  • The Microsoft Partner Network
  • Do it yourself – internal staff can operate the technology
  • Strong road-map
ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams with Chat

We simplify ITSM better than anyone else

Fast adoption

ITSM360 enables you to start working from day one.

Everybody knows how to navigate in Teams and Microsoft 365, and we use the same principles for simplified ITSM software.

Most secure

With ITSM360, you own your data in your Microsoft tenant.

With the security and compliance offerings from Microsoft, ITSM360 is the most secure ITSM solution in the market.


We provide a fair subscription – no hidden cost or everlasting consultancy required.

In addition, ITSM360 gives unmatched economies of scale by using an existing platform of yours for ITSM.

ITSM360 is a technology that puts people and your organization first

Do you struggle with:

  • Security and where is my data located?
  • Is my ITSM system NIS2 compliant (or GDPR)?
  • How do we integrate DevOps and collaborate better inside the entire IT department?
  • How do I get a holistic overview of cloud services linked to contracts and actual events and incidents?

Your colleagues already work in multiple Microsoft Teams channels and SharePoint document libraries.

But with ITSM360, we give you the push you need. We tie up loose ends in the Microsoft system with ITSM360, resulting in a new IT workbench for the entire IT department.


Microsoft Teams apps for ITSM

Proof of our Microsoft-based ITSM concept is our Teams-based apps for ITSM.

Teams enable you to collaborate in channels that fit your business case and working scenario.

We give you Teams ITSM apps. Enable them in one or multiple channels, and you are ready to empower IT with the necessary tools.

Teams Apps are available for:

  • Ticket handling (agent)
  • Task Management
  • Complete IT self-service Teams app
  • ISMS app (GRC module)
  • Project Management
ITSM360 Project Management

ITSM360 – IT Project app for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft based IT Service Management

If you’re drawing up an IT Service Management project and wondering where to start, why not use Microsoft as your baseline?

Frequently asked questions


If you are new to ITSM360 or looking to replace your current ITSM solution, this guide will help you learn more about the ITSM360 solution and its features.

How to handle complex ticket processes in SharePoint lists?

We have developed ITSM apps that can be used in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

Your users work through the apps with the ITSM processes, and the apps work with data from the SharePoint lists (as if there was a SQL database in the background).

Learn about web parts and apps ->

Why SharePoint as backbone?

The value SharePoint brings to the table are:

  1. Plenty of storage
  2. High availability
  3. External sharing/collaboration governed by your AD
  4. Seamless connection to Power Autoamte (+Power Platform in general) and wide availability of Power Automate triggers for SharePoint data that can be used for process design/execution – including AI.
  5. Feature-rich (inbuild) like version history, search, notification, build private views, and much more
  6. Authentication by Azure AD
  7. Data permission model
  8. Security and compliance – connects to Microsoft Data Retention, Records Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), eDiscovery + additional security plans offered by Microsoft.
  9. Wide selection of Graph APIs for SharePoint
  10. SPFx developer framework – SharePoint Developer Framework

So, above, we have listed ten good reasons for using the platform, but we missed the important fact that it is included in your Microsoft subscription/cost.

I don't trust scalability in SharePoint

Without a doubt, SharePoint is confusing because of its large data capacity (30 million records/items in a single list), in contrast to the maximum of five thousand items in a list/view.

We have developed a way to use SharePoint as a SQL database, with the easy concept of adding “relationship tables/pointers” between lists.

Generally, we can handle big-data use cases with +500 tickets per day and + 1 million assets or CIs.

Cost of running ITSM360

You need a business Microsoft 365 subscription like E3 or E5 + an active ITSM360 subscription.

ITSM360 is very competitive, and the total ROI is desirable because we harness your existing Microsoft knowledge, subscriptions, and know-how.

Flexibility vs. out-of-the-box

We offer fast-track implementation models, including best-practice configurations with workflows & templates.

Any specific workflows, configurations, integration, etc., are also supported by adjusting the solution – in most cases, with Power Automate.


Is ITSM360 for small or large enterprises?

ITSM360 customers span from 10 to +100 IT people.

The common denominator is that they all work with ITSM at a medium or high level – and many inside regulated industries like Energy, Finance, and MedTech.

What's inside ITSM360

Our strong ITSM concept is a pure Microsoft-driven and governed ITSM solution, where you get the following:

  • Front-end ticket apps for Microsoft Teams or/and SharePoint
  • SPFx web parts for SharePoint optimized for ITSM and GRC use-cases
  • Data hosted/driven from SharePoint, where the default deployment automatically creates the SharePoint list structure
  • Automated upgrade mechanism where new app files and features are pushed to your Microsoft tenant
  • Ready-made IT self-service portal for Teams and/or SharePoint