ITSM360 Features – build for Microsoft 365

ITSM and IT-Governance features for every need

You can do so much with ITSM360. We have the standard features, but you can easily adjust the solution for other needs.

IT Staff

ITSM360 focuses on empowering the IT staff with a tool that organizes all the daily work. Besides the daily ticket handling, ITSM360 enables you to stay effective with:

  • Task Management
  • Change/Problem/Event
  • Project Task and Project work
  • Knowledge sharing
  • IT documentation

Service Manager

Digital transformation and users working from everywhere require a strong focus on Service Management and Governance. ITSM360 helps you:

  • Connected to Microsoft
  • Continulal Improvement
  • Realtime collaboration in Teams with externals
  • Automation
  • Secure & Compliant


Users are used to 24X7 self-service support in their private life. This is how Amazon, your telco provider does service to you

  • The self-service app in Teams
  • Service Catalog in Teams
  • Direct chat in Teams
  • Record a voice ticket from Teams
  • Asset handling in Teams

Service Request

Overview of Service Request Management & Fulfillment
  • Design of Service Request Form, with binding to master data such as asset and CMDB data
  • Adding pre-defined workflow or task to a Service Request
  • In case of asset ordering, asset stock feature integrated to ticket/request
  • Approval workflow by Power Automate approval workflow
  • Automation capabilities (like creating a new user in AD)
  • Service Request handled inside the ITSM360 Ticket Console
  • Permission control (AD group) attached to services


Incident Management

Overview of Incident Management
  • Multiple Incident classes (normal incident, major incident, security, etc.)
  • Design of incident form and publishing options into self-service
  • Create incident from e-mail
  • Create incident from Power Virtual Agent
  • Incident Management process supported by the ITSM360 ticket console
  • E-mail from and into the incident
  • Round Robin

Change Management

Overview of Change Enablement
  • Build your RFC form in the ITSM360 form designer
  • Web part for working with Changes
  • Repository of Change models/types
  • E-mail option from changes
  • Create change by sending it to change@xx.yy
  • Flexibility for CAB or simple change approval
  • Supports major change, normal change, standard change
  • Support for post-entry creation of changes