Lego's legacy

our inspiration

The iconic LEGO brick has made a big footprint around the world. Creativity and endless options with the classic Lego bricks have entertained children for many years (and adults as well).

But the strong side of these bricks is, that they fit together regardless of shape, color, and even age. You can still use your bricks from the 1970’th with brand new Lego bricks – amazing.

The parallel to our modern digital world is strong. We work with one of the leading (Microsoft) cloud eco-systems, which contains so many different components which you can combine into strong ITSM contexts.

This is actually like playing with Lego – just for adults. We have some many exciting and value-adding components in the Microsoft cloud, which enables us to build the next generation ITSM tool.

But it continues, because you can reshape the ITSM360 vanilla version with your favorite Microsoft components.

We hope, that you will be as excited as we are.

ITSM360 core capabilities

ITSM360 offers out-of-the-box standard ITIL based features and functions which equals our competitors in the ITSM industry.

The difference lies in:

  • Leverage value from services in Azure and Microsoft 365 (seamlessly)
  • A user interface which is aligned with what you get from Microsoft in general
  • ITSM data is placed in your controlled silos and complies your governance

Focus on the essentials

+ Best cost/benefit in the industry

Easy to Use

With the use of Microsoft Office UI Fabrics, then we offer a solution which is easy to use for end-user as well as IT professionals. This is a well-known style and is as easy to use as Word or your Intranet.

ITIL and ITSM powered by SharePoint & Microsoft 365

IT savvy strives after consolidation and reuse of resources and knowledge, and with ITSM360 they find the right bridging between SharePoint and ITIL.

Data security and governance

SharePoint and Office 365 can be configured to meet your security/compliance and governance objectives, and these settings can be applied to ITSM360.

With this, you have the best security/governance options in the ITSM industry.

Going advanced

AI and Bots, Reports and Dashboards, Automation, Customization or other needs? With Microsoft Bot Framework, PowerBI, PowerShell and REST interfaces will address all your needs.

We made effort into designing ITSM360 to use as much as the eco-system from Microsoft as possible.