Implementation of ITSM360

It’s all about speed and agility. That’s why your business runs in Microsoft 365

Our implementation specialists will ensure fast, secure and hasslefree implementation.

Getting started is easy

Avoid exhausting and expensive ITSM rollouts with ITSM360

Buying a new ITSM solution is the easy part. However, having people actually understand, use and appreciate the new solution is the complex part. Nevertheless, we offer a straightforward implementation and anchoring of your ITSM rollout!


Key in implementation is a standardized platform

We want to mention this again. Our advantage with ITSM360 is that it is based on your Microsoft 365 tenant. When it comes to a straightforward implementation, then this is possible because you are navigating and anchoring in known waters.

In conclusion, mitigation of many risk factors because you are working with a recognized, and a trusted platform.


Simply upload the ITSM app to your app catalog

You implement ITSM360 as many other SharePoint and Teams-based apps. The technical way is to upload the app to your app catalog.

See this Microsoft description/explanation -> link

With the uploaded ITSM360 app into a clean ITSM site, you can proceed to step 2.

Use our best practice as the baseline for your configuration in step 2. Or you can start configuring your specific workflows and demands into the site.

Straightforward implementation means degrees of freedom and complete flexibility!

Our goals are not long-term consulting assignments – on the contrary.

We are offering you a unique technical solution. ITSM360 is distinguished because it is “open” and easy to work with for a wide range of competencies.

In conclusion, flexibility and options for you in terms of implementation and maintenance.

Implementation options

In contrast to proprietary ITSM platforms, then ITSM360 is easy to implement. It is also easy to maintain and change into new processes.

In lay terms, all Microsoft professionals can work with the technology. See your options below.

  • Your staff
  • Fast track deployment and services from ITSM Company
  • A certified ITSM360 Partner
  • A preferred Microsoft Partner which you trust
  • Microsoft Professional Services
Your staff

To implement and configure ITSM360. The required competencies are:

  • Understand SharePoint Online list structure
  • Working with Power Automate + BI
  • Understand basic ITIL

In turn, many organizations having these capacities in-house. In this case, you will be able to implement the ITSM360 solution with your internal staff.

ITSM Company

Our professional services can help you. We are offering consultancy packages tailored to your requirements.

  • Fast-track deployment (based on best practices)
  • Turn-key project/implementation
  • ITSM application management
  • Training and advisory services
  • Omni-channel use-cases
ITSM360 Partner

The ITSM360 Partner Network is under establishment with partners already in:

  • Benelux area
  • France
  • UK
  • US/Canada

They all have deep ITSM and SharePoint knowledge. As a result, they can move our technology even further.  It could be by building their logic on top of ITSM360 – or taking responsibility as an implementation partner.

Microsoft Partner

If you have a preferred Microsoft Partner, then we can support this partner in an implementation process.

For example, we see that some clients have some stringent internal or external regulations. In these circumstances, it might be faster and cheaper to work with the local partner.

Contact our sales department for a dialog about this option.

Microsoft PartneraMicrosoft

In the same way as a Microsoft Partner can work with our solution, then Microsoft Profesional Services can take this responsibility.

World-leading tech. services are available for you here.

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Team Lead & ITSM Architect

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