Plug ITSM into your Microsoft tenant

As a result, reuse your Microsoft competencies, resources, and capacity for intelligent ITSM.
In addition, it is the industry’s most secure and compliant ITSM platform.

Companies of all shapes and sizes run ticketing and complex ITSM with ITSM360

ITSM360 Ecosystem

Now is your moment to rethink ITSM

Move away from expensive proprietary data siloes

Our flagship solution, ITSM360, is a proven and recognized ready-made IT Service Management tool, which works on top of your Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

It leverages the entire Microsoft cloud stack. As a result, working with service desk processes and ITIL practices has never been simpler.

High-velocity ITSM

The key to productivity is reusing a successful platform for new business verticals.

With this in mind, hear how Arvato Bertelsmann UK moved away from old siloed-based ITSM and how ticketing and internal efficiency are improved with ITSM360.

ITSM360 G3 Ticket Console, ITSM Microsoft 365

Simplify teamwork for everyone

Give everyone you work with – inside and outside your company – a more productive way to stay in sync.

Respond faster with Microsoft Teams ITSM360 web parts, keep conversations focused in channels and simplify all your communication in one place.

Enter the era of Microsoft 365 powered ITSM

ITSM360 is made by using the SPFx framework. The coding framework behind Teams and SharePoint apps.

It is a ready-made solution with the data located in SharePoint, apps for both SharePoint and Teams, and connected to the Power Platform and the rest of the Office suite.

Besides this, you can connect it to Power Apps & Power Automate.

Unlike mainstream ITSM tool vendors

ITSM360 offers you the best relationship with your Microsoft stack. In fact, ITSM360 is not integrated with your Microsoft stack. Instead, it is a part of it – it simply connects to your favorite Office platform.

From this point, you can harvest benefits and value:

Technical benefits

  • Controlled and governed by your Azure AD
  • It fits into the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem
  • Adapts into the Microsoft cloud security and regulatory compliance program and services

Business benefits

  • Reuse your Microsoft resources and capacity for ITSM
  • Teams app – a place where your users live already
  • Fuels non-IT business cases like HR, Facilities besides your IT practices
ITSM Microsoft 365

For example, the ITSM360 self-service app for Microsoft Teams serves end-users across devices.

As a rule, we stick to all guidelines and best practices from Microsoft, and our front-end follows Fluent UI from Microsoft.

Welcome to where the future works

In other words, we don’t reinvent IT Service Management

However, we leverage your preferred collaboration and process platform for ITSM