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Governance, Risk, and Compliance – GRC


Elevate Your IT Governance

Running your security and compliance work in a secure cloud environment just makes sense.

Optimize the safety of your operations with a reliable and secure Microsoft cloud solution for GRC.

Microsoft Cloud Security

Experience two applications in a single platform

If you’re struggling with time-consuming IT documentation or disjointed processes between IT security and operations, our ITSM GRC module is the solution you need.

Streamline your workflows and safeguard your technology without wasting precious resources.

  • Manage your IT documentation
  • Map IT services to business processes
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Controls
  • Organize your IT compliance frameworks

Integrated IT management/governance approach

Our GRC360 add-on app is breaking down the barriers separating IT Sec/Governance from the true IT environment.

Experience a seamless merge between these critical components of your organization with our innovative solution.

  • Connects to your IT Services and CIs
  • Works in Teams – stores all documentation in SharePoint
  • Share IT Governance documentation with relevant stakeholders

GRC360 Feature map

Introducing GRC, our newest application that integrates IT Service Management and IT Security into one seamless product. This innovative and exciting app is now available to all ITSM360 customers.

We unveiled GRC in May 2023 and are proud to offer an impressive set of comprehensive features, combined with ambitious plans for future development.

Join us on this exciting journey towards unified IT operations with GRC.

Data processing activity and business processes

In today’s business landscape, your IT Service Portfolio must be aligned with your data processing activities and business processes. 

While C-level executives outside of IT may not be interested in your IT Services specifically, they are focused on optimizing their processes.

By linking your services to a robust data and business process repository, your IT organization can position itself competitively and earn the trust of business stakeholders.

GRC360 gives you the following:

  • List your processes, including relevant metadata such as legal basis, retention period, and why and how you process these data
  • Associations to IT Services or IT Systems, documentation, and relevant stakeholders
  • Collaboration features such as email and notes
  • A SharePoint document folder/library for storing process documentation

Controlling IT documentation

IT documentation is a crucial component of our ITSM360 solution, developed as a native M365 app with various options, including SharePoint document libraries integrated into our design.

Introducing our GRC360 release, where we expand our IT documentation approach, supporting two types of IT documentation:

  • Specific IT documentation, which pertains to a particular service or CI. Typically, it is present within the CMDB scope and is very mature in the ITSM360 solution.
  • Controlling IT documentation, which could be a backup instruction or guideline related to multiple CIs, services, or even a CI class.

Our new GRC360 app accommodates managing controlling IT documentation:

  • Create your custom controlling areas for IT documentation such as SOP, IT standard, Procedure, Manual or similar
  • Document Management Capabilities such as document templates, next review features, lifecycle management
  • Associations to IT Services or IT Systems, documentation, and relevant stakeholders
  • Collaboration features such as email and notes
  • Compliance report in Power BI


IT Documentation Dashboard in PowerBI

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Unlock advanced IT Management and Governance with ITSM360

Framework Management

Managing IT regulatory compliance can be overwhelming with numerous documents, tasks, and objectives to handle.

However, the GRC360 Framework Manager simplifies this process by enabling an organized framework management, including creating sub-frameworks/practices or chapters.

Furthermore, the standard feature includes document management that makes working with a specific framework seamless in GRC360.

Improve your IT regulatory compliance management with GRC360 Framework Manager.

GRC360 - Framework Manager

Risk Management & Risk Assessment

The GRC360 app stands out not because of a new risk management process but because it connects directly to your Configuration Items and Services.

This innovative feature sets it apart from other apps in the market.

The risk features include:

  • Threat register
  • Link mitigation/safeguards to threats (for example, an antivirus solution is already a CI/Service) that are linked to the threat lower the impact of this threat
  • Link mitigation contracts to threats
  • Threat value before and after mitigation effort
  • Risk assessment 
  • Collaboration features
  • Document Management capabilitites


IT Controls

The IT control section in GRC360 seamlessly integrates with the ITSM360 CMDB/Service Portfolio features.

This enables your operations team to efficiently manage related tasks and actions pertaining to IT controls.

Controls can be readily mapped to your infrastructure, empowering your team to work smarter, not harder.

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GRC360 - IT Documentation app for Teams

GRC360 app in Teams
Controlling IT documentation mode
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