Simplify GDPR Compliance  with GRC360

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of GDPR compliance?

GRC360 is your all-in-one management solution.

Our innovative platform is designed to streamline your data protection processes, ensuring compliance with confidence and ease.


Organize your data processing

Easily manage your GDPR data processing by transitioning your Excel sheets into itemized records on GRC360.

By structuring your activities as records connected to data systems and SOPs, you’ll streamline your processes and ensure compliance in every aspect.

From Excel to Teams based collaboration

Keeping an updated GDPR article 30 is a cornerstone in your GDPR compliance. Many use Excel as the primary tool for tracking and demonstrating Article 30 compliance.

Your article 30 inventory is linked to data objects and IT systems, and you probably generate descriptions and procedures tied to each entry in your article 30.

To ease the burden and organize your Article 30 work, GRC360 offers collaboration features, file handling, and dynamic relationships for data mapping.

Data mapping

GRC360 stands out with the ability to link/integrate to your IT landscape, making mapping to data sources and objects easy.

The relationship also makes it easier for IT architects, change managers, and others to see that a given system/data object is related to a data processing activity — relevant and valuable information in your continual improvement and digital transformation journey.

Power BI reports

With all your data processing activities stored as records/items in SharePoint – easy reporting in Power BI is now an option for you.

The reports can be used for executive reporting, external auditors, or even department heads responsible for data processing.


The GRC360 Data Processing module is equipped with note features, the ability to make notifications, and writing emails to and from the record for easy collaboration.

Related documentation

In the GRC360 Data Processing, features for storing relevant documentation/files are available directly from the record inside the Microsoft Teams app.

You can also work with a relationship to SOP for the data processing activity.

GDPR request handling

Request handling

Sooner or later, a person will use the right to get insight or even be deleted from your data processing.

Are you ready to handle this within the time frame – and also in an efficient way?

From email to structured case handling

In GRC360, you will find a ticket system optimized for handling the core GDPR request types from “data subjects” – also called DSAR (Data Subject Access Request).

DSAR features in GRC360

The flexible GRC360 app allows you to;

  • Integrate to data subject inventory
  • Predefined process type for data correction or rectification, pause data processing, data deletion, transfer data
  • Email option for response and request communication
  • Linked to data mapping and systems
  • Store documentation on the request
  • Internal collaboration features
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