The innovative ITSM tool for Microsoft 365

ITSM360 works for you in Teams and SharePoint. It fuels your ITSM practices and leverages all your Microsoft experience. Our ITSM software helps you work smarter, simpler, and faster.

  • +13.000 users worldwide
  • Really attractive pricing
  • 100% safe and compliant
  • Fastest time-to-value

Your new favorite ITSM

Utilizing the IT platform you already love to use

Expand your ITSM practices into Microsoft 365 and provide a delightful employee experience with a modern, easy-to-use, intelligent service management solution that brings value instantaneously.


Secure and compliant

ITSM360 is probably the most secure and compliant ITSM platform in the industry. Adapting into the Microsoft cloud means that your data is protected. Proof of this, the platform is leading in 5 Gartner Magic Quadrant and 8 Forrester Wave categories.


Designed for ITIL compliance

ITSM360 does not compromise on recognized ITSM practices and methods. ITIL still sets the direction for modern ITSM tools, and we, of course, comply with this. But, we mix ITIL with proven Office collaboration features for real-time collaboration.


User friendly

Everyone claims to be user-friendly, but we do it in the most standardized method to benefit you and your users. ITSM360 uses Microsoft Fluent UI – the same building blocks that shape Office. But, Fluent UI is also for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.


Money matters

Your IT budgets need to be used wisely. That’s why you’re already using Microsoft 365. It provides the best value. The value is boosted with ITSM360 – say yes to use your existing subscriptions, knowledge, skills, competencies for ITSM practices.


Readiness for tomorrow

The digital transformation will also affect your ITSM system. With ITSM360, your ITSM solution stands on a shoder of a giant. We believe that Microsoft keeps its leading role, and we will continue to add ITSM practices on top of Office/Azure for your readiness.


Think customers

Our commitment to you is your customers. We need to meet customers at their level and channel. That is why we use TEAMS self-service apps or Microsoft Virtual Agent. Corporate IT self-service must be as easy as shopping on Amazon.

Grow your business faster

Designed to fit into the Microsoft cloud ecosystem

Promoted features

ITSM360 is designed for SharePoint and Teams. But, ITSM360 works excellent with other Microsoft technologies like the Power Platform, Virtual Agent, Graph API, and much more.

Use the ready-built Microsoft Teams App for easy self-service with your users. Many start the working day in Teams and end it here, and bringing IT self-service into Teams means easy adoption of your self-service.

Virtual Agents can reduce your workload, improve your SLA’s and gain employee satisfaction both inside and outside IT. We combine Microsoft Virtual with raw ITSM data in ITSM360 for your efficiency.

Not only do your end-users get value from Teams. Our Ticket App for Teams enables your IT staff, externals, and approvers to work with requests and incidents from Teams.

Start automate the routine task with ITSM360 and Power Automate. Power Automate is much more than approval workflows. For example, it automates user creation, changes user profiles, and more without coding.

Real success, real people.

Hear from real business owners who made the switch to a leading ITSM solution

Trusted by hundreds of businesses

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Learn what ITSM360 can do for you

Say hello to more efficient helpdesk software. Spend one hour with us for a demo - it will not be wasted if you, like us, are enthusiastic about Microsoft technology and Service Management.

Jonathan Matschofsky

Sales Executive

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To conclude, how you can leverage your existing Microsoft knowledge for creating even more results, the demo will include:

  • NThe overall scope of ITSM360
  • NOrchestration of primary ITIL practices in ITSM360
  • NHow you will be able to configure and maintain the solution without expensive consultants


ITSM is people and processes, but the technology matters

We bridge your ITSM practices into your Microsoft 365 tenant.


Teams and SharePoint, a perfect platform for business apps

ITSM360 is a ready-built ITSM solution for Teams and SharePoint. The app’s core runs in your SharePoint environment – included in your current cost/subscription.
  • NRecognized as a process orchestration platform
  • NCapacity and features in abundant quantities
  • NSecure and scalable

Save valuable time with automation and workflows

We use the Power Platform for workflows. In fact, the Power Platform leads the latest Gartner Group Magic Quadrant within the “Low Code Application Platform” segment.
  • NCode-free configuration of workflows
  • NExecute real automation sequences (e.g., onboarding tasks)
  • NBuild custom data integrations and actionable features


Prepare and customize reports and dashboards

Your data holds valuable information for you. Power BI gives you insights into your data – can you imagine a more robust platform for real ITSM-BI?
  • NPre-build Power BI report templates available with ITSM360
  • NShare KPI and results with executives or users as you want
  • NBuild custom reports and dashboards as you want

Connect the dots

Grow your business faster with ITSM360 spiced with Microsoft cloud technology

ITSM360 not only works great with Teams and SharePoint. It also connects to the entire Microsoft ecosystem for your convenience. AD and single-sign-on as standard, services from Azure, and much more.
  • NReliable, secure, and with unmatched SLA
  • NThe Microsoft cloud - supported by Partners worldwide
  • NConnects to a portfolio of apps & services
  • Low price
  • Better UX
  • Agile flows
  • Safeguarding data


There are alternatives to ServiceNow, FreshDesk, etc.

We are the real alternative to global dominant ITSM-tooling players. In particular, if you have a Microsoft strategy and staff that is experienced within Microsoft technology.

  • Low price
  • Better UX
  • Safeguarding data
  • Agile flows


Frequently asked questions

During the last years, many good questions have been asked. Some of them are:

Do you have a quality management system?
Yes, we have. Our development and support processes are described and evaluated each year, and we implemented several KPIs to control our quality and ability to deliver in time.
Do you produce ITSM360 yourself?
Yes, we do. Our solution and staff are our most important assets and far too important to out-source. Our development is executed from subsidiaries in Europe and India.
Do you measure customer loyalty and satisfaction?
Yes, we make a regular customer review to collect findings from our customers. The results help adjust our roadmap, services, and sales process.
Do you have experience and references in any industry?
We have customers within the public sector, bank/Finance, manufacturing, hotel & leisure, general administration, and IT as the most dominant industries.
Do you work with Microsoft Partners?
Yes, we do. If you have a preferred Microsoft Partner, we are more than happy to work alongside a local partner.
Do you have dedicated account representatives?
Yes, we do. You will be in safe hands with us. You will have a dedicated contact person alongside our support function.
What other solutions and services are you providing?
Our flagship is ITSM360-ENT and ITSM360 for Service Providers. In addition, we have verticals for managing Facility Management, support to Finance Service Flows, and GDPR compliance.
We are also providing professional services if requested. For example, it could be project management, implementation services, or integration project.
Do you offer discounts?

First of all, we are offering ITSM360 on very competitive terms. You need to pay for your IT users only, and you can work with approvers (workflow fulfillers) and end-users without paying a subscription for these users.

Discount. Yes, if you are a non-profit organization or a volume discount, depending on your size. Contact us for further information.

How long have you been in business?
As a matter of fact, then SharePoint Online was released in 2016, and we started our operation and development at this time. We were a group of experienced ITSM professionals and Microsoft engineers, and we all shared the same vision – making a difference in the ITSM industry.
Can I get support?

Yes sure. Included in the subscription, you will get access to our delivery and support team.

The support will help you if you are stuck or find any issues with our solution, but most importantly, they can help you access new releases and patches.

What is your growth and solution strategy?

Our objective with ITSM360 is to bridge Microsoft technology with proven ITSM practices. As for this, we need to follow what Microsoft is doing and enable this technology into ITSM use cases for your benefit.

On the other hand, as for ITSM practices, these are more static, and until now, ITIL is the guideline for us – but we are watching out for IT4IT, Cobit, and other relevant frameworks.

But, our strategy is to use SharePoint and Teams to the limits. Proven, reliable, secure, scalable, and easy to use – AND INCLUDED in your base Microsoft subscription.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Noone fights data siloes as we do. Our trademark is enabled our customers to work with ITSM inside their Office 365 tenant.

Can we work remotely with you?
Yes, we can. We have experience in remote ITSM implementations across the world.
How can we be onboarded with ITSM360?

We recommend a basic fast-track deployment of the tool. Included in this is our best practice, which is a good starting point for determining the next steps.

But, if you have a set of defined requirements, then these can be used as a scope of work directly.

Get started

Implementation, adoption & support – you’re never on your own!

You’re not alone – we promise. We will continuously deliver the best support for you and conduct vitality check-ins also after you press the go-live button. We make sure to integrate the ITSM platform with the Microsoft systems you use daily.

Get in touch and let us show you exatcly how you will benefit from ITSM360. Book a demo today – it's 100% riskfree.

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