Going the ITIL process way

or your own tailor-made processes

Organizations increasingly recognize the need to design, re-design, and improve their internal IT service management (ITSM) processes.

SharePoint Online and ITSM360 give you four strong ways of customizing (and optimizing) your IT processes, and the use of Microsoft Graph API for data integration.

Do you find other ITSM tools which offer the same range of process options and integration touch points?

Flexible, powerful and user-friendly tooling

Four strong ways for customizing your IT processes

Your options

  • Using SharePoint Online native configuration

    With the inbuilt list and library setting non-IT-professioanls can configure SharePoint fast and effective – and this goes for ITSM360 as well.

    Several strong improvements have been implemented by Microsoft. Sticky notes, JSON formatting of colums etc. gives you simple and powerful code-free customization.

    More about SharePoint Online configurations.

  • Using Microsoft Flow or SharePoint Designer

    If you prefer the free tools from Microsoft these can be used for setting up advanced workflows and configurations. With Flow you can even integrate data from multiple sources in an easy way.

    Introduction to SharePoint Designer.

    Introduktion to Microsoft Flow.

  • Using your existing favorite 3’rd tool for process design

    Perhaps you have great experience in 3’rd part tools – like Nintex or other – and want to leverage on this in your ITSM process design, which is possible in ITSM360.

    This option is great for very complex ITSM process design, and perhaps with service request fulfillment automation.

  • Using Visual Studio and .NET code

    If you have very complex ITSM requirements (like web services for integration, timer jobs in Azure, event receivers or similar) Visual Studio offers awesome options for you – and perhaps the most widely used code language today.

Need for integration and web services?

Microsoft Graph

ITSM practices and processes tend to spans outside IT, and if they can be integrated into other master data sources you will increase your efficiency.

As for integration, SharePoint (and hereby ITSM360) is supported by standard REST interfaces and Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Graph provides a unified programmability model that you can use to take advantage of the tremendous amount of data in Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security etc.


process orchestration by SharePoint

SharePoint has delivered effective business process support during the last decade, and this platform has become the leading process and knowledge sharing platform in the industry.

Why? Because of the great ecosystem of partners and solutions – and the tight relationship to the modern workspace.

The process capability in SharePoint Online is one of our reasons for working with this platform. You can with a minimum effort to modify our in-build processes – or simply create your own effective ITSM processes regardless of the framework.

The content and process capabilities in SharePoint Online makes great sense in ITSM context.


We are ready to talk ITSM with you, and how SharePoint and ITSM360 can make a difference in your organization