CMDB, Assets & Services

ITSM360 makes it simple to track and evaluate all your IT assets in stock and in use, such as hardware, software, and infrastructure configuration items. Avoid loss, take better decisions and speed up the root cause identification process with full visibility of your infrastructure, assets and services.

Service Catalog and Portfolio

Organize and manage your entire Service Portfolio, including services and products under development and those that have been retired. Document everything from prices, SLAs and contact points to what exactly is needed to the deliver the service.

ITSM360’s customer-facing view of the Service catalog, offered via the self-service portal, allows users to search for needed services and initiate service requests from a modern and user‑friendly storefront just as they do on their favorite consumer sites.

IT Asset Management

Manage and evaluate your total hardware and Software inventory and make comprehensive decisions about costs, use and other aspects related to an asset’s lifecycle.

Track your assets’ upcoming warranty or license expirations, and easily plan renewals and purchases well ahead of time.

Allow end users to search for needed assets and initiate asset (hardware and software) requests from a modern and user‑friendly storefront on the Self-service portal. Synchronize the storefront with your asset database, so it’s only possible to request assets, which are in stock.   

Configuration Items

Maintain a repository of all your configuration items and map their interrelationships and dependencies. Minimize potential risk by visually analyzing the impact of changes and outages.

With the ITSM360 CMDB as the single system of record of your infrastructure, you can easily view all events pertinent to a configuration item – right from changes and configurations, to incidents and contact points.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Know the connection

    Set up relationships and dependencies between your services and configuration items to rapidly assess the impact of changes and outages. Use predefined CI relationships or add custom relationship types based on your requirements.

  • Custom Asset & CI Templates

    Build your own Asset and CI templates to address unique business requirements, and easily adjust or design views, which displays all the information, you need.

  • Views

    Organize Services, CIs and Assets into views, groups of items based on certain criteria. View all information associated with the item directly from the view – from knowledge and documentation to dependencies and contact points.

  • Overview of connected activities

    View all events pertinent to an asset or configuration item at a glance with the History log – from requests and incidents to changes, projects and problems.

  • Batch Editing Assets

    Easily create, update or allocate multiple assets at once, thus making it easy to add new batches of assets to the inventory or re-allocate and update the lifecycle state of all assets belonging to a leaving employee.

  • QR Codes for Asset Tracking

    Quickly find and update asset records with QR codes. Print and tape the auto-generated QR code on the asset, and the asset record is only a quick scan away.


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