Do more with ITSM360

The worlds No. 1 – if you go the SharePoint way

Your IT-Service Management software should be an enabler, not a barrier to deliver great service. We have added standard features to ITSM360 which enables you to deliver.

The powerful solution will facilitate the needs you have, and you will be able to grow as well. Pls. look at the features provided by ITSM360.

Solution features

SharePoint site for Self-service included

Flexible self-service

this is what you need!

As standard ITSM360 will give you:

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Central Service Catalog defines the services for the user
  • Overview of your cases and communication to IT
  • Ordering portal for assets and software
  • Knowledgebase for users
  • Flexible forms with us are easy to customize
  • Responsive

In addition to the above, you have the ecosystem again. This gives you options and possibilities:

  • Design your own web-parts
  • Use 3’rd part web-parts
  • Bring statistics to your user (Power BI)
  • Style it as you want

Just for mentioned few of your options.

Other resources

ITSM360 is out-of-the-box with strong ITSM features. But you can also build your own features on the top of the pre-loaded features.

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