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We have a constant focus on new development and improvement. We create modules that leverage the best of Microsoft 365 to deliver excellent ITSM productivity, user engagement, and collaboration that cut through.

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Behind ITSM360, you have a platform from Microsoft – or rather an IT-ecosystem. Altogether, you can combine/link the features from ITSM360 with the platform from Microsoft.
  • NRecognized as a process orchestration platform
  • NCapacity and features in abundant quantities
  • NSecure and scalable

ITIL General Management Practices

Leverage ITSM360’s built-in capabilities for supporting the ITIL general management practices.

Continual improvement

SharePoint web-part for CIR (Continual Improvement Register) is a part of the standard release. This web-part supports the CI-process with email options, notes, links to other ITIL practices, etc.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge articles and IT-documentation features are based on SharePoint libraries and a custom list designed for knowledge handling/sharing.

Linkage of knowledge to ticket processes is possible.

Measurements & Reporting

We offer Power BI templates for ITSM business intelligence and reporting. Use Power BI for getting proactive insights into your ITSM-practices.

Read more about Power BI and ITSM

Portfolio Management

Manage your entire Service Portfolio with ITSM360, including relations to the BRM processes.

The Portfolio Management includes:

  • NAggregation of tickets/cases to the service
  • NOperational model and dependencies to CI’s
  • NRoles/responsibility function/web part
  • NService metadata

IT Project Management

As many IT organizations work with infrastructure or digital transformation projects, a unique IT project module is available for ITSM360.

Contact sales for more information about this module (the project module is not a part of the standard ITSM360-ENT package).

ITIL Service Management Practices

Increase your team’s productivity with the ready-made SharePoint & Teams web parts for ITSM orchestration.

Change Enablement

Pre-build data model and web part for Change Enablement included. Ability to design RFC’forms linked to processes executed by Power Automate.

Standard Change Process for Normal Change, Emergency Change, Post-change. Finally, the solution can handle your specific change flow.

Incident Management

Multiple incident origins are supported. As a result, emails, data entry forms from the self-service portal, or Teams create incidents.

ITSM360 stores incidents as a SharePoint list item. As a result, all standard SharePoint operations and process options are enabled for the Incident process.

IT Asset Management

ITSM360 offers great IT Asset Management features. First of all, assets are stored in the CMDB. Secondly, assets are tights into the incident process where you linkage between asset and incident is an option.

Web-parts for handling the delivery of Assets and returning of assets are also included.

Monitoring and Event Management

Consolidate Events raised by multiple sources in ITSM360. Event is a central SharePoint list in ITSM360, including integration interfaces (e-mail, SharePoint REST API, or Microsoft Graph).

Dependency feature from top Service to underlying CI included.

Problem Management

Collaboration features for Problem Management included (even email features).

Problem Management disciplines like linking a problem log to a ticket are naturally supported in the tool.

Release Management

The Release Management process secures that you can group several changes into one release. But you can also apply fixes to a Release if required.

The Release Management Process is also linked to the Service Portfolio/Service Catalogue.

Service Catalogue Management

In view of the change rate in Services for many IT-organizations, we have made it easy to change/manage the services.

ITSM360 provides you with a service builder who connects to the essential SharePoint lists and Teams.

Service Configuration Management

In most cases, it is called the CMDB in tool. In summary, the CMDB is divided into logical areas (list structure) for supporting real CI, assets, licenses, etc.

A real CMDB for SharePoint is the end result.

Service Design


Service Desk

Multiple features for supporting Service Desk activities:

  • NSelf-service portal for end-users
  • NMicrosoft Teams app for end-users
  • NMicrosoft Teams app for Service Desk staff
  • NSharePoint app and features for Service Desk staff
  • NProcess models in Power Automate and automation run-books
  • NMultiple languages support self-service portals

Service Level Management


Service Request Management


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Leverage the full power of the ITSM360 platform and improve how you work

Featuring needs outside IT

Yes, ITSM360 delivers fast and consistent options for your organization’s HR, facility, finance, or other service touchpoints.

Your features
Yes, customize and enrich ITSM360 with your unique logic. Just use standard Teams and SharePoint configuration options.
Collaboration features

Yes, work in real-time with tickets and tasks in Microsoft Teams directly. The ready-made features/app for Teams generates value from day one.

3'rd part features

Yes, your existing web parts for SharePoint and Teams can work alongside ITSM360.