Ease of Use

Familiar, intuitive, and powerful.

Being aligned with the Microsoft ecosystem has its benefits. One of those is standardization: whether it’s the ITSM360 service management platform or one of Microsoft’s many components, you can expect an environment that is not only familiar, but easy to use.

ITSM360’s functionality, while powerful, is designed to be user-friendly from the start. Intuitive navigation, configurable design, and robust features all combine to deliver a service management platform that can withstand the test of time.

Self-Service Portal

Enable customers & employees to engage directly with your customized service management portal.

Standardized UI/UX

Leverage the consistency of the Microsoft UI/UX to quickly ramp-up new hires and facilitate ease of use for customers.

Centralized Environment

ITSM360s centralized environment and highly accessible UI means that your users can get up and running quickly.

Our Design Philosophy

Create with the heart,
build with the mind.

Our design philosophy is based on one of the most famous companies in Denmark: LEGO. The little toy bricks—enjoyed by millions since 1932—have retained their magic due to their interchangeability. A 50-year old LEGO brick can fit perfectly into a 1-month old LEGO brick. They are simple and timeless.

In the same way, ITSM360 and Microsoft’s value-added components work together seamlessly, enabling enterprises to creatively build solutions that effortlessly combine both form & function.

Your ITSM360 implementation can be as simple or as complex as you like. We guarantee that no matter what you build, your SharePoint-based solution will be familiar and intuitive… yet powerful enough to handle all of your business needs.

Self-Service Portal

Encourage direct engagement with your customers with ITSM360’s Self-Service Portal. From service catalog access to viewing knowledge base articles, the Self-Service Portal is your customers’ go-to source for interacting with your organization.

User-friendly Portal

Our easy-to-use Self-Service Portal empowers companies to deliver their Service Catalog to customers & employees in an engaging, Web-based environment. Users can easily submit new requests and purchase orders — they can also track all requests and view their assets.

Asset Management Integration

ITSM360’s modules are seamlessly integrated, enabling your users to search assets as well as services. Available assets are displayed based on user data profiles and can be easily selected for procurement/borrowing via the Self-Service Portal.

Intuitive Knowledge Base

Reduce support team workload and enable your users to find their own solutions via ITSM360’s knowledge base functionality. Full SharePoint integration means that users can search for any content they require in an environment that is familiar to them.

Take control of your assets! 

Standardized UI/UX

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

As the saying goes, “Why reinvent the wheel?” 

With the majority of companies relying on the Microsoft ecosystem, why not leverage this framework to introduce powerful service management capabilities?

Unlike new data silos, ITSM360 relies on the familiar environment of SharePoint to deliver its range of service, asset, and incident management capabilities. Whether your organization is relying on the SharePoint Classic UI or you have switched over to the Modern UI, ITSM360 delivers the same level of integrated functionality that empowers your teams to get up and running quickly.

No need to reinvent the wheel or invest in costly retraining programs. With Microsoft’s standardized UI/UX, your employees can be productive from day one.

Centralized Functionality

ITSM360 offers a highly centralized environment that facilitates efficiency & productivity for your employees. No need to keep changing screens — critical item actions, bulk handling, and MS tool integrations are all available on a unified interface.

In-Panel Actions

Access all critical functionality directly from your SharePoint content panels. View QR codes, item details, dependencies, history, and documents with ease.

Bulk Handling

No need to work item-by-item. With ITSM360, you can select multiple items and apply actions, such as assigning responsibility, sending a group conversation, and changing status.

Integrated MS Tools

Comprehensive integration with the Microsoft ecosystem means that you can access other MS solutions directly from ITSM360, such as Excel, PowerApps, and Power Automate.

Ready to transform your Service Desk?