Data Security & Governance

Is your Data Secure?

With one of the world’s most powerful cloud-based infrastructures, Microsoft is in the unique position of offering world-class data security and scalability.

ITSM360’s integration with the Microsoft ecosystem means that all of our clientele enjoy the same level of data protection and governance options that other Microsoft users have. From rest & in-transit encryption to highly granular SharePoint permissions, ITSM360 Admins have the freedom to implement relevant governance plans in an environment that is unmatched in terms of data security.

Microsoft Cloud

As an ITSM360 client, leverage powerful security in the one of the world’s most advanced cloud infrastructures.

SharePoint Governance

Highly-customizable platform that facilitates detailed Governance Plan design and implementation.

Regulatory Compliance

Combine the power of ITSM360 templates with Microsoft Compliance products for full control.

Data Encryption

Data at rest and transmitted is protected using Bitlocker encryption, SSL over HTTP, and IRM on Document Libraries.

Regular Backups

Multiple layers of redundancy and backups at the server level to ensure constant data integrity.

Data Retention

User data is retained even when subscriptions are terminated, subject to data retention parameters & regulations.

Why is Microsoft Cloud the Most Secure?

Hidden data centers, limited access to physical systems, redundant backups, isolated networks, and at rest & in-transit encryption… the Microsoft Cloud has a well-earned reputation as  having one of the world’s most secure infrastructures.

Regional Servers

Multiple servers distributed across a wide network of global locations ensure that user data is saved to a nearby location.

Security Settings

Both Admins and User can control the display and usage of key, often sensitive, information.

No Data Mining

Unlike other cloud services, Microsoft does not mine or otherwise use your data for marketing and advertising purposes.

Ticket Management done right

Simplified Governance

ITSM360, based on its seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint, empowers enterprises to implement internal Governance Plans via granular levels of access, permissions, roles, and site configuration. For ITSM360 and SharePoint Administrators, the process is straightforward and flexible, with Admins having the freedom to implement simple or complex governance parameters based on business need.

Site Management

Any good SharePoint Governance Plan includes guidelines on site owner privileges and hierarchy modeling. Microsoft supports a fine level of granularity in order to support site management permissions, such as template creation, branding/design access, creation of security groups, sub-site creation, and site hierarchy placement.

Onboarding Workflows

Many enterprises require that employees—as part of a Governance Plan—undergo an onboarding procedure to become a Site Owner or Power User. SharePoint supports this via flexible roles & permission functionality that enable companies to fine-tune Site access based on corporate onboarding workflows.


SharePoint permissions management is not just about specific rights based on role but, from a governance perspective, is also focused on which employees have the right to grant permissions. ITSM360 Admins can use SharePoint to manage a wide variety of roles, permission levels, and restriction implementation based on a wider governance plan.


Sharing of content outside of the Microsoft infrastructure can present a serious data security risk, so a strong Governance Plan aligned with proper SharePoint permission processes is required. Admins may even want to separate out content that could potentially be used for external sharing.


The ITSM360 environment can be fully designed and configured to align with your branding guidelines. From a governance perspective, the type of creative content would need to be defined as well as the specification of user roles with design permissions.

Integration Management

While ITSM360 features Out-of-the-Box integration with the entire Microsoft family, third-party tools, apps, and web parts can also be easily integrated into ITSM360’s functionality. SharePoint Admins need to define who has the rights to engage with 3rd party apps as well as having procedures to communicate such integrations to Site Owners.

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Regulatory Compliance

If your company is subject to regulatory framework compliance—such as OSHA, HIPAA, or GDPR—then you can rest easy with Microsoft-friendly ITSM360. Our solution offers unique templates designed to align product functionality with regulatory requirements. Additionally, ITSM360 customers can drive compliance via Microsoft’s family of regulatory tools, such as the Compliance Manager or the newest solution, Microsoft Score.

Customized Compliance Assessments

Microsoft’s Compliance Manager enables enterprises to easily add assessments based on common regulatory frameworks, such as ISO, NIST, HIPAA, SEC, OSHA, etc. Each assessment includes system recommendations—in terms of data security and governance—and proactively verifies the alignment of system configurations with compliance requirements.

Regulatory Templating

ITSM360 supports the integration of regulatory-specific templates to ensure compliance with a variety of frameworks. One of our most popular templates is GDPR•NOW, which powers DSARs, data processing activities, and consent management.

Microsoft Compliance Score

Microsoft’s latest addition to regulatory compliance support is Microsoft Score, which acts as a front-line solution to quickly determine the overall level of organizational compliance. Like the Compliance Manager, assessments can be added to provide refined analysis for specific compliance frameworks.