Cost Benefits

No More Data Silos

Companies around the world face a significant obstacle when it comes to implementing service management software that effectively scales as the company grows.

The cost of traditional ITSM software often runs into thousands of dollars per month as new users are added, software is customized, employees are trained, and license fees increase. Businesses often become trapped by software customizations and workarounds that hinder growth and scalability.

Enter ITSM360. A modern Service Management solution that breaks down all the cost barriers by empowering organizations to leverage the power of their existing Microsoft infrastructure. With ITSM360, additional data silos become a relic of the past.


The cost of change. Can your company keep up?

In business, change is the only constant. 

Whether planned or unexpected, companies must constantly evolve in the face of rising competition and market challenges. With change, though, comes a test of a company’s flexibility: more employees, new/expired assets, onboarding tasks, license renewals, hardware configurations, incident requests… the list goes on and on.

Is your company’s Service Management solution adaptable & flexible enough to overcome these obstacles? For companies that rely on non-standardized ITSM platforms, these challenges are often too much to handle.

The Solution? Keep it Simple

We believe strongly in the idea of No More Data Silos. Why introduce the complexity, costs, and hassle of a new software solution when you likely already have all the tools in place?

As Forbes’ 3rd largest Tech Company in the world, Microsoft offers the kind of standardized functionality that companies need to withstand the day-to-day challenges of business growth while remaining adaptable to change.

ITSM360 enables organizations to leverage the power of the Microsoft ecosystem to achieve comprehensive incident and asset management across the enterprise. Have SharePoint? Teams? Office? You’re good to go.

The Microsoft Ecosystem

The statistics don’t lie. SharePoint has exceeded the 200 million user mark, 91% of Fortune 100 companies use Teams, and Office 365 is the most widely used enterprise cloud service, by user count, in the world.

Why waste money on additional data silos when you can leverage your existing Microsoft framework?

Incident Management

SharePoint-integrated ITSM360, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, companies don’t need to re-train their incident management teams or invest in software workarounds.

Our Incident Management module integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft ecosystem, enabling your employees to focus on productivity.

Asset Management

Asset management requires deep cooperation between multiple departments such as finance, IT, management, and procurement.

While this is often lacking in proprietary solutions, ITSM360 offers comprehensive collaborative functionality via its seamless integration with the most popular enterprise platforms in the world: SharePoint, Teams, and Office 365.

Ticketing the SharePoint Way

Want to get up and running with a robust incident and service request management system that works perfectly with your existing SharePoint framework? Look no further than ITSM360!

Create, edit, manage, and assign tickets directly from within SharePoint. ITSM360’s configurable Self-Service Portal enables your company to engage directly with customers & employees. For a bird’s eye perspective, use Power BI to gain deeper insights into service management processes to drive informed decision-making across the enterprise.