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Our solution, ITSM360, is a powerful service management solution that empowers companies to get up & running quickly by leveraging their existing Microsoft infrastructure. ITSM360 offers comprehensive incident and asset management in a SharePoint environment while enabling limitless expansion via tight integration with the entire Microsoft family of components. Interested? Let’s have a demo so that we can show you the benefits to your bottom line.

Some of Our Happy Clients

From North Carolina to Luxembourg, ITSM360 is making a real difference for companies worldwide

Case Study: Carolina Biological

ITSM360 has led to high value and benefits to cost ratio — not to forget the unique personalized support extended throughout by the ITSM Company team.

Fevzi Yalın, Lead Project Mgr.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

North Carolina, USA

When Carolina Biological Supply (CBS) started their search for service desk software, they were not ITIL methodology aligned. A survey conducted for IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions in the North American market identified ITSM360 as the strongest solution based on price, ITIL alignment, and integration with the Microsoft ecosystem.


  • Service request and incident management procedures were reactive, manual and cumbersome.
  • No service management methodology was in use.
  • End users had no visibility into the progress on their requests.
  • Management reporting was almost non-existent.
  • Lack of work load balancing among assignees.

After ITSM360…

  • Service request, incident, problem, change, and project management processes & procedures were optimized and automated.
  • Automated non-production supply ordering via Web Shop.
  • Preventive maintenance work order generation was automated.
  • Implemented self-service portal to enable end-users to request & track service requests.
  • Management has more visibility into operational activities via dashboards.


One of the major selling points for Carolina Biological Supply (CBS) was ITSM360’s integration with a native project management module (i.e., SharePoint), which was preferred over Microsoft Project due to less complexity and a higher level of user friendliness. By leveraging capabilities provided by SharePoint Online and Active Directory, ITSM360 integrated easier across the enterprise.

CBS has deployed three inter-connected service desks to optimize and automate operations of its IT, Purchasing (Supply Chain Management), and Maintenance (Engineering) departments.

As a result of the deployment of ITSM360, the service management activities for all departments have drastically changed. The introduction of ITSM360 has enabled CBS to embrace digital transformation, with the first tangible step being the move to a paperless operational workspace.

Percy Cabello, Head of IT

International Potato Center

Lima, Peru

At CIP, we have started deploying ITSM 360 for our global IT service management.

Users have been very receptive to the new platform as they find it convenient to add these services to our familiar SharePoint-based intranet.

We look forward to extending our implementation to all global service units over the next few months.

As an international non-profit agriculture research organization (International Potato Center), ITSM 360 fits CIP’s vision of integrated knowledge management and collaboration for operational excellence and efficiency.

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