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Carolina Biological Supply Company (CBS)

– North Carolina, USA

When CBS started their search for service desk software, they were not ITIL methodology aligned. A survey conducted for IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions in the North American market identified ITSM360 as the strongest based on price, its ITIL alignment running on the SharePoint platform.

Baseline for Carolina

  • Service request and incident management procedures were reactive, manual and cumbersome.
  • No service management methodology was in use
  • End users had no visibility into the progress on their requests
  • Management reporting was almost nonexistent
  • Lack of work load balancing among assignees


  • Service request, incident, problem, change and project management processes & procedures optimized and automated
  • Automated non-production supply ordering via Web Shop
  • Preventive maintenance work order generation automated
  • End users enabled via self-service portal to request and track their requests
  • Management has more visibility into operational activities via dashboards

In Conclusion

One of the major selling-point was its integration with a native project management module, which is preferred over Microsoft Project due to being less complex and more user friendly.
ITSM360 integrated easier across the organization leveraging capabilities provided by Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Active Directory.
CBS has deployed three inter-connected service desks to optimize and automate operations of its IT, Purchasing (Supply Chain Management) and Maintenance (Engineering) departments.
These deployments drastically changed all departments service management activities to the point of operating paperless, resulting in digital transformation.
Interested in Carolina and their background?

Fevzi Yalın

Lead Project Manager
– Carolina Biological

Testimonial from Fevzi Yalin:

We deployed ITSM360 when it was an on-premise solution. Now that we switched to its SharePoint Online version, we no longer need to be concerned about the maintenance of and hosting on a SharePoint server farm.
The continuous development by Microsoft of the SharePoint Online platform ensures that we immediately benefit from it as it matures, and new features are available, which makes it very competitive compared to non-Office 365 based solutions – a perfect marriage.
Customized system, smooth implementation and continuous development has also led to high value and benefits to cost ratio – not to forget the unique personalized support extended throughout by the ITSM Company.

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“At CIP, we have started deploying ITSM 360 for our global IT service management.
Users have been very receptive to the new platform as they find it convenient to add these services to our familiar SharePoint-based intranet.
We look forward to extending our implementation to all global service units over the next few months.
As an international non-profit agriculture research organization (International Potato Center), ITSM 360 fits CIP’s vision of integrated knowledge management and collaboration for operational excellence and efficiency.”

Percy Cabello

Head of Information Technology
– International Potato Center (CIP)