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Replacement of Service Manager while establishing an up-to-date solution based on our strategy

The challenge

Compliance, flexibility, and strategy alignment

In order to balance compliance and flexibility alongside my IT-strategy, our ITSM platform became a bottleneck for us. With the decreasing focus on the Service Manager from Microsoft, a replacement was inevitable.

Despite the large field of ITSM tools, our objective was to embrace our JSOX (+internal) compliance demands, our need for a modern ITSM solution that can resist our high-velocity process and service changes. Besides, it also had to be strategically aligned to our Microsoft Azure and 365 investment.

In this case, ITSM360 was the right way for us.

The solution


Based on Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, meant that our standard Microsoft Partner was able to support us and drive the implementation. However, we decided to use remote services from ITSM COMPANY to implement the solution due to the global COVID situation.

As for today, then we are fully implemented and runs the basic ITIL practices with ITSM360. We were happy with the implementation project and the tool. Next will be a more advanced use of the tooling options such as automation, project management, and establishing better IT-documentation, which is vital in our audits and quality efforts.

Implementation of ITSM360 has contributed to increased growth, happier customers and a future with opportunities instead of limitations.

The results
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Incredible ROI

Before ITSM, we could not change even small configurations in our tool. With ITSM360, we can use our existing Microsoft knowledge, and we adjust the tool quickly and fast to our everlasting business requirements.

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Happy users

Our ITSM offerings are finally aligned with our users. They request service from Teams and are very happy about how easy it is today compared with our before situation.

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Cost reduction – change to COMPLIANCE

JSOX compliance is a must for us as part of a Japanese enterprise. With ITSM360 and documentation capabilities inside the tool, including change management, our compliance work has become easy and painless – and now we are compliant.

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Our starting point was an outdated Service Manager installation from Microsoft and a clear Microsoft 365 and Azure IT strategy.

Establishing an up-to-date solution based on our strategy was the objective. In this case, we evaluated ITSM360 as the right candidate and implemented it in 2020.

Tommy Winther

CIO, Gram Commercial, Filial of Hoshizaki Europe BV

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