Benefits of leveraging Power BI for ITSM reporting

ITSM solutions capture and contain an enormous amount of data. The data differs from very structured transactional data to unstructured data – typical guides and knowledge articles.
Posted January 5, 2022, Copenhagen

Thomas Nielsen

Senior Partner

The transactional data can be used to gain incredible insights into your business. The unstructured data and information are beneficial for fueling your internal IT-processes and helping your users.

This blog post will focus on the transactional data and how Power BI fuels our reporting and insights into the data.

Reports in ITSM360?

We often get questions about what reports you offer with ITSM360 as part of the sales process. The question to this is that all reports have been discarded and replaced by Power BI.

As a matter of fact, then we see other ITSM vendors filling their systems with +100 reports, where only a handful is relevant for the operation and management.

In other words, to avoid a race in the number of reports in our tool, we had to go new ways. In fact, then the solution with replacing canned reports with Power BI gave increased customer satisfaction a the same time.

Benefits of Power BI for ITSM

Power BI simplifies the process of extracting and presenting data in dynamic and interactive data visuals. Easy drag-and-drop capabilities in Power BI make it easy to adjust, extend, or build new dashboards in minutes rather than hours.

A simple example could be as beneath:

Power BI and ITSM360

Power BI and ITSM360

As an illustration, the above example shows the flexibility with Power BI in the ITSM context. You can build interactive dashboads where the report viewer can:

  • Change the period (selection period)
  • Drill down in data
  • Showing trends and KPIs
  • Share the report without accessing the ITSM tool
  • Use Power BI features for calculations

Feel free to test a PowerBI report/dashboard below:

Other benefits with Power BI

Minimal cost

Power BI is a subscription-based service that does not require buying licenses, support, etc. In fact, SharePoint/ITSM360 customers have access to the free version where they can subscribe and build their dashboards, as I had just demonstrated.

To get started, you can subscribe and instantly start creating your dashboards. If you’d like to collaborate with your colleagues, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version.

Go to the Microsoft site for further info on the subscription pricing and what’s included.

View Power BI reports across multiple platforms and devices

Whether you’re a busy Service Manager on the road or a CIO vacationing and would like to get a quick update on performance and critical ITSM metrics, Power BI brings the reports to your laptop or mobile device.

Native apps are built and available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows devices. Wherever you have access to the internet, you’ll be able to view your reports instantly.

Microsoft ecosystem and growing Power BI online community

Power BI has over 5 million subscribers and is used by over 200,000 organizations. The online community has also grown significantly over the past couple of years, where they all share ideas on building dashboards.

Also, developers can customize their visual reports using the Power BI API and make them available on GitHub.

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