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At CIP, we have started deploying ITSM 360 for our global IT service management.
Users have been very receptive to the new platform as they find it convenient to add these services to our familiar SharePoint-based intranet.
We look forward to extending our implementation to all global service units over the next few months.

Microsoft Aligned?

A job isn’t complete until you feel confident and self-reliant in the changes you’re making. We empower our customers to fearlessly fly solo. Listen as our management explains about ITSM360.  

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A Top ITSM Company

  CIO Applications Magazine has named us as one of the top ITSM companies in 2019! Our IT Service Management platform, ITSM 360, is built on the strongest foundation in IT today: Microsoft. Seamless integration with Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 means that—more than likely—you already own all the infrastructure you’ll ever need. Leverage the power…


When Carolina Biological Supply (CBS) started their search for service desk software, they were not ITIL methodology aligned. A survey conducted for IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions in the North American market identified ITSM360 as the strongest solution based on price, ITIL alignment, and integration with the Microsoft ecosystem.