Asset Management

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When you need to manage a wide array of assets, from hardware & software to configuration items, the idea of “keeping track” just isn’t sufficient. World-class asset management means having full visibility into your entire asset profile and having immediate access to the tools needed to take action.

ITSM360 provides the level of awareness your organization needs to make better decisions, avoid loss, and facilitate effective root cause analysis. No need to learn new software or ramp-up your teams… ITSM360 works seamlessly with the most popular business collaboration environment in the world: Microsoft SharePoint.

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Service Catalog

Easily document all service delivery items, from SLAs to contact points.

IT Asset Management

Make more informed decisions with access to all aspects of your assets’ lifecycle.

Configuration Items

Quickly map interrelationships and dependencies across all configuration items.

Service Catalog and Portfolio

ITSM360 empowers your business to build out a detailed Service Portfolio that reflects your unique offerings. Products and services can be fully documented, including current status (e.g., under development, retired, available), contact points, SLAs and delivery mechanisms.

Our user-facing Self-Service Portal enables your company to bring a Service Portfolio directly to your customers and employees. Users can easily create new service requests, borrow assets, lodge incidents, launch onboarding requests, and engage with your company in an easy-to-use intuitive environment.

Self-Service Portal

With ITSM360’s intuitive Self-Service Portal, customers and employees can directly search for services, initiate a variety of requests, and keep track of their requests from a centralized user-friendly environment.

Service Request Submission

Users can easily engage with your company to make specific asset and service-related requests. The Self-Service Portal is highly configurable based on your organization’s unique business requirements.

IT Asset Management

Asset Management with SharePoint-friendly ITSM360 is about more than just managing an inventory. Take your inventory to the next level with a robust system that provides a holistic view of your entire asset profile.

Automated functionality, comprehensive asset data profiles, content sharing, lifecycle configurations, and an engaging Self-Service Portal all combine to empower your business to take asset management to the next level.

Manage Inventory

High-level view of entire asset profile with detailed data, such as serial numbers, status, QR codes, history, documentation, etc.


Easily track key asset data points, such as warranties and license expirations. Plan renewals and purchases ahead of time.

Lifecycle Management

View the current status of all assets at-a-glance. ITSM360 facilitates lifecycle cost & usage analysis for more informed decision making.

User Engagement

Enable users to search for assets and initiate requests directly from a configurable Self-Service Portal. Available assets are auto-synchronized with storefront.

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Configuration Items

ITSM360 provides a true 360° view of all configuration items while providing you with the tools you need to make informed decisions about potential changes, outages and incidents.


ITSM360 enables you to maintain a repository of all configuration items and easily map their interrelationships and dependencies.

Event Transparency

Single system of record ensures full event transparency in terms of configurations (e.g., changes, incidents, contact points).


ITSM360 offers robust Asset and Configuration Item management in the Microsoft SharePoint environment. The core functionality of our asset management module is to provide companies with the visibility & transparency needed to gain greater insights into potential issues can could adversely affect their bottom line.

Know the Connection

ITSM360 enables you to use relationships & dependencies to connect services and configuration items. This empowers your company to rapidly assess the potential impact of changes and outages, effectively giving you a competitive advantage.

Pre-defined Configuration Item (CI) relationships—and custom relationship types—provide you with the freedom to align functionality with business requirements.

Custom Assets & Templates

The ITSM360 platform empowers businesses to chart their own asset management path. With ITSM360, companies can easily build their own customized Asset and Configuration Item (CI) templates designed to address business needs.

The standardized Microsoft SharePoint environment means that display views can be tailored to convey the specific data points you need to make informed decisions.


ITSM360’s leveraging of the Microsoft ecosystem means that users are working in a familiar environment. SharePoint’s unified views are both configurable and designed to present a large amount of relevant data.

This approach is used for the organization of services, CIs, and assets into views , which are criteria-based groups of items. With ITSM360, users can display key data—dependencies, docs, and contact points—from a single view.

Event and CI Visibility

ITSM360 provides comprehensive access to both high-level and detailed view of all asset-related events and configuration items. Our platform, via the History Log, enables you to drill-down into the history of every asset and CI to retrieve pertinent data from requests, incidents, changes, projects, and problems.

This analysis tool facilitates the in-depth analysis of the relationships between activities and items in your asset management environment.

Batch Editing

Easily manage large numbers of batches at one time via our Batch Editing tool. ITSM360, within the SharePoint environment, offers an easy to use selection feature whereby multiple assets can be chosen.

After selection, a batch can be updated, allocated, reassigned, or deleted as needed. This is particularly useful when adding new assets to your inventory or when updating the lifecycle status of assets (e.g., when offboarding an employee).

QR Codes

With thousands of alphanumeric character storage capacities, QR codes offer a convenient way to produce meaningful details for association with assets.

ITSM360 supports the auto-creation and printing of QR codes, enabling your business to quickly produce and associate detailed QR codes for tangible assets. These codes can then be easily scanned and updated in ITSM360 to facilitate accurate asset tracking.