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Why Choose ITSM360


ITSM360 is trusted with a footprint in more than 30 countries

ITSM360 creates a superior advantage by combining your familiar Microsoft technology with ITSM.

We create benefits like no others.

1 – Ease of use (looks and works like a Microsoft app)
2 – Best overall financial business case
3 – Most secure and compliant solution

Who we are

We’re a Microsoft Business Partner (independent software vendor).

Our mission is to build the most secure and compliant ITSM solution.

Today, our flagship solution, ITSM360, is the tangible result. A ready-made ITSM solution.

ITSM360 harnesses our customers’ Microsoft capacity and resources and provides the market’s most secure and flexible ITSM solution.

Built By Industry Pros

ITSM Company is proud to be an independent company with ITSM practices and Microsoft cloud software development experts.

We understand the challenges faced by our customers. Our company culture is focused on continuous improvement and agile adaptation to meet the needs of our customers with excellence.

An organization committed to customer service, tech innovation, and expertise development, we expand our services in response to future needs.

Tapping into the Microsoft stack

With ITSM360, you are standing on the shoulders of a giant.

No independent software vendor can guarantee the same security level and safeguard your ITSM as we can with Microsoft.

In turn, if your business relies on Microsoft, our ITSM360 solution provides complete transparency, cost savings, and 100% satisfaction.

A word from our founder

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Senior Partner & Founder

Besides spending many hours each year on sailing boats, my big passion is IT Governance, IT Management, and in particular, ITSM.

I have participated (alongside our team) in ITSM implementation in Europe, Canada, and the US.

I have a lengthy background in different roles in IT companies and internal functions.

Feel free to invite yourselves to a talk about ITSM, ITSM360 – or if you want to work with ITSM for a highly growing company with worldwide clients.

Our clients are requesting sustainable solutions and results. Therefore, if you seek employment, you must have a solid professional attitude and proven results.

The tool world

In general, then we are living in a tool world. Tools for almost all IT administration and IT management disciplines are available.

The ITSM industry is no exception. We are overwhelmed with ITSM solutions. In fact, +600 serious solutions are ready to power your ITSM practices.

So why go with ITSM360 instead of prominent vendors like ServiceNow and FreshDesk – just to mention a few ones?

Because, in the pursuit of digital transformation within the IT wall, we have forgotten fundamental factors. These factors are easy onboarding, security, and cost – and addressing these factors is our trademark.


Easy onboarding of staff

There are so many job options for “good” IT engineers, and like it or not, your necessary IT staff can work for your neighbor within a few moments.

In conclusion, we need IT solutions that almost everyone can operate and adapt fast. This fact applies to both IT employees and the business.

We use the known standard platform, Microsoft 365. Apps on top of this provide you with a fast learning curve. Not only for ITSM but in general.

Many ITSM implementations have failed in results because those who had to use it were not on an equal footing with those who implemented it or could not operate it correctly.


Security and governance

We are affected by cyber risk and attacks like never before, and as a result, more and more governance/security frameworks apply to many industries.

As for security, I see that many ITSM solutions are struggling with poor security and cannot meet compliance frameworks like GDPR and others.

Even worse, many decision-makers neglect the importance of security/compliance in their ITSM solution (even though personal data is processed in large quantities in their ITSM solution).

In conclusion, very few (if any) ITSM vendors can afford to safeguard data and build compliance offerings like Microsoft and Amazon.

We work on top of the Microsoft security and compliance offerings, and you govern all data. This is why we call ITSM360 the most secure ITSM platform.


Avoid astronomical budgets

I admire the CIO, who can justify and approve a business case where a single ITSM subscription has a purchase price of +100$.

But one thing is the subscription, but alongside expensive subscriptions, you usually find high implementation costs and everlasting costs for external consultants.

Reducing your data silos lowers your cost. Building apps on top of Microsoft 365, with low-code configuration tools like Power Automate, significantly save you in the long run.

But also, day-to-day configurations are easy to make inside Teams and SharePoint.

Bottom line, if you don’t want to collide with your budget, you need to look in the direction of a standard platform – also for ITSM.