All we do is ITSM. It’s in our name.

Our business plan is quite simple – but powerful. A combination of SharePoint and a mix of classic well-proven ITSM disciplines inspired by ITIL.

Our design manifest states, that we will transfer concepts and ideas from SharePoint driven business solutions into ITSM context.

We will design the ITSM360 solution into the Microsoft ecosystem of cloud components and concepts.

Company presentation

ITSM Company is a subsidiary of Cloud·Mission ApS. A Microsoft consultancy firm in Copenhagen Denmark.

As a company, ITSM Company is specialized into a combination of ITSM best practices and the technical options provided by Microsoft technology. The result is ITSM360 – which is an industry-leading tool for orchestration of ITIL based processes.

Experience and proven results

The main architects of ITSM360 have worked with IT Service Management for many years, and the experience with ITIL goes back to 2002. Our ITIL interest is decreasing – however, the ITSM360 solution is still based on this framework.

As for experience with Microsoft, then we have worked SharePoint technology since the 2007 version of SharePoint.

Today, all our efforts are aimed at the cloud and we have full and updated Microsoft 365 and Azure experience and knowledge.

ITSM360 powers primarily clients in Europe, Canada, and the US. Apart from this, you will find ITSM360 clients in Australia, Colombia, Peru, and Africa.

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Thank you

Thomas Bo Nielsen

Partner @ ITSM Company


Experience our ITSM360 solution as a customer, partner or employee

ITSM360 has grown into a mature and robust ITSM solution based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. This is because, at our core, we are a company for ITSM & Microsoft professionals (from tech. side to business leaders).

We wake up every morning thinking about how we can make life better for fellow ITSM and Microsoft professionals, and we follow what Microsoft is doing every day – and figure out how this can improve your efficiency in ITSM context.

This passion has evolved into a vibrant community with our clients (we call it a partnership) which inspire us every single day.

As a potential client, we will welcome you to our community.

For employees – and we might need you?

ITSM Company – is also a special place to work. We are bound together by our core values and high professional level. We want to do a change, we want to re-invent ITSM tooling, we want to create customer passion.

We welcome talented employees at our offices in Denmark, Hyderabad or Vilnius (or perhaps as a remote worker).

Partering with us?

Are you a Microsoft Partner already or perhaps a passioned ITSM geek then do not hesitate to contact me.

We have potential clients around the world who asks for you. We have started the first efforts into a real partner program, and we can promise you our full support.