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We specialize in harnessing the opportunities and potential offered by Microsoft 365 for ITSM tooling

Unlock advanced IT Management and Governance with ITSM360

Experience the power of consolidation and economies of scale

At ITSM Company, we lead the industry in leveraging Microsoft technologies to enhance your ITSM and GRC operations.

Our cutting-edge technology saves you time and money while strengthening your organization’s security measures.

Count on us to streamline your IT processes and achieve optimal efficiency.

Flying solo in a siloed ITSM solution?

No, not with our technology.

ITSM360 is a trailblazer in leveraging Microsoft technologies for more efficient IT operations.


ITIL 4 aligned solution

+ ESM and GRC process support

Microsoft 365 Solution

Keep all your ITSM data inside your M365 tenant

Based on Microsoft Fluent UI

Users are familiar with the style/layout

Works seamlessly inside Teams

Use native Teams features in your ticketing workflow

Safeguarding your ITSM data

Experience unparalleled security with ITSM360 in the Microsoft cloud

We create an innovative ITSM solution based on familiar Microsoft components that interlock seamlessly like Lego bricks

ITSM360 Ticket App in Teams
ITSM tooling in a new way

In today’s technology-driven world, there’s a growing demand for ITSM solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of organizations.

Unfortunately, existing ITSM platforms are either too simplistic or overwhelmingly complex.

Drawing on decades of ITSM experience, we knew something had to be done.

That’s why we created ITSM360, a platform built on the reliable and familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

Lego DNA - our inspiration

Growing up in Denmark, Lego was an essential part of our childhood. We spent countless hours building intricate structures from thousands of blocks, each fitting seamlessly into the next.

As a company, we’ve carried these fundamental principles of Lego into our work; our ITSM building blocks are built on the same framework as Microsoft 365.

This strategic alignment means that ITSM360 fits perfectly into your Microsoft strategy, saving you time and hassle. We offer a seamless transition to our ready-made Microsoft technology without the proprietary and complicated software of other ITSM providers.

No lifetime consultancy contract needed

Our utmost priority is to provide you with a user-friendly solution that can easily be customized to meet your evolving business requirements.

The standard skillset of Microsoft is more than capable of generating new workflows and other essential functions. So you can do it yourself!

If you need extra assistance due to resource constraints, we have a team of experts with the same skill set as yours readily available to provide support.

About ITSM Company

Our ITSM company boasts two highly committed professional groups that thrive on being pioneers in the industry.

These individuals successfully blend work and fun, resulting in a highly creative and collaborative environment that sets us apart from the competition.

As a developer at our company, you are a valuable team member, not just a number on a list.

Our team is utilizing the Microsoft Developer stack to create high-quality ITSM apps, ensuring that you have access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies for your work. 

Join us in leveraging the power of Microsoft in an ITSM context and making a real impact in the industry.

Learn about Microsoft Developer.

Our ITSM and GRC team includes experienced practitioners with expertise in ITIL, Cobit, and other familiar frameworks.

They work alongside our developers to determine the optimal utilization of Microsoft technology and pinpoint areas where custom features may be necessary to bolster ITSM business objectives.

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