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It is a typical misunderstanding that SharePoint cannot handle large data volumes and scale to fundamental business-critical levels.We have proven that it can be done with the right design and technical staff.

One of the vital features of SharePoint is its versatility and how normal business users can do homemade collaboration portals.

Furthermore, developers can make robust solutions leveraging the developer framework SPFx.

Reasons for using SharePoint as the backbone of your business

IT professionals recognize SharePoint and SharePoint make a tremendous difference for business users – that without it, it is less productive.
Instead of starting with an empty database, SharePoint adds value as a platform with many features that make it excellent for collaboration, process, and knowledge-sharing solutions.
We like SharePoint due to the following facts:

1. Plenty of storage in the default Microsoft subscription

2. High availability

3. External sharing/collaboration governed by your AD

4. Seamless connection to Power Autoamte (+Power Platform in general) and wide availability of Power Automate triggers for SharePoint data that can be used for process design/execution – including AI.

5. Feature-rich (inbuild) like version history, search, notification, build private views, and much more

6. Authentication by Azure AD

7. Data permission model

8. Security and compliance – connects to Microsoft Data Retention, Records Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), eDiscovery + additional security plans offered by Microsoft.

9. Wide selection of Graph APIs for SharePoint

10. SPFx developer framework – SharePoint Developer Framework

So, above, we have listed ten good reasons for using the platform, but we missed the important fact that it is included in your Microsoft subscription/cost.