Time for new ITSM? – business case

The average lifetime for an IT-Service Management solution is 5 years according to surveys/reports made by Gartner Group, and we see that many organizations are searching for new solutions for the time being.

Before you decide upon a typical large vendor ITSM solution you need to evaluate SharePoint as a baseline for your coming ITSM platform. At least if you use Microsoft technology.

We will highlight 3 strong business arguments here.

Get busy living

1: TIME – you are busy – same goes for your people

In a busy world, time means anything. Changing an entire ITSM solution is a project, and it will take time for you which could be used for other initiatives. Hopefully, this time will be paid back very quickly.

However, using SharePoint and Microsoft will give you time savings already from project start compared to an “isolated proprietary platform”, and when it comes to education and training for the relevant staff you will see an even higher learning curve.

Last but most important – your end users are probably already used to Office 365. This means that using the in-build self-service portal will be like a play for them.

Conclusion – if time is important for you – vote for a known platform and interface and go for ITSM360. The assumption is of course, that you use Microsoft technology already and are happy with this.

2: REDUCING your patchwork

The server consolidation wave was convincing for everybody. Now the time is ready for harvesting value from consolidation on the excellent ecosystem provided by Microsoft and Office 365/SharePoint and Azure with more.

The platform is ready, the time is right and you can drive significant business apps on this platform. Used correctly will enable you to not only harvesting user satisfaction – but also substantial cost savings.

The ecosystem is perhaps the largest IT-ecosystem in the industry, and the amount of 3’rd part web-parts and integrations available will give you new cost-effective ITSM applications.

Conclusion – fight the data silos

Year from now

3: CORE building blocks in the platform

Service Management equals processes, knowledge sharing & documentation and people. We must realize, that the requirements from the business are harder than ever, and you need need to run your IT services like a business.

ITSM360 is ITIL aligned but the SharePoint platform makes it possible for you to configure a set of non-ITIL compliant processes which secure that your service delivery will be business aligned.

SharePoint gives service management geeks 3 strong features out of the box:

1 – SharePoint is a collaboration platform which supports teamwork and results generated in teams.

2 – Content fuels our processes and with SharePoint, you will be able to work with content in a structured – but also non-structured way.

3 – The ability to the orchestration of business processes can also be used for driving your IT-processes.

Conclusion – SharePoint is an ideal platform for ITSM